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Quickie’s Burgers & Wings (Hollywood)

Posted on November 3rd, 2009 · American Fast Food Hollywood

***** Quickie’s Burgers & Wings, 1000 South State Road 7, Hollywood Florida, 33023 (954) 981- 9464.

Got a really good “fast food burger-wing” joint for you…Quickie’s Burgers & Wings located in Hollywood.

You can checkout Quickie’s menu/prices at

Just so you know, we are absolutely-positively not talking McDonalds-Wendy’s-Burger King here…this is not a $1 menu type of joint. If you think top-quality Five Guys’ type burgers, you will appreciate what Quickie’s is all about.

Quickie’s menu has burgers, wings, chicken and mahi-mahi sandwiches, fries, onion rings…A 1/3 lb burger is gonna run you $3.99 and a 1/2 lb burger will set you back $5.29.

In a recent outing, I did a 1/3 lb bacon cheeseburger, french fries, onion rings and chicken wings. The burger which had a charcoal bbq taste was really good and right up there with the best fast-food burgers that I have eaten in South Florida. The fries and onion rings were okay–but nothing to go nuts over, the naked chicken wings with that golden bbq sauce were delicious.

Like I said before, this is a fast food joint…order at the counter, pickup at the counter. Nothing fancy here, but I am telling you that for fast food this is really good stuff.

Quickie’s is open Monday-Saturday 10am-9pm and Sunday noon-6pm.

8 Comments to “Quickie’s Burgers & Wings (Hollywood)”

  1. dr says...

    great burgers and wings.
    thought the fries could be a bit crispier and didn’t care for the paprika like seasoning that tops them

  2. rk says...

    jeff, food is okay. location stinks. tried it today. not in a good area.

  3. dr. klein says...

    Quickie’s burgers are excellent same goes for the wings. The french fries and onion rings just okay. Very pleasant counter people.

  4. chefsherlock says...

    good burger, ok fries (forget the seasoning) loved the spicy mayo-location is good yet site needs to be improved and increased as this lil hole in the wall is explding from the exposure and the biz…went back Sat for Wings and they were damn good!!! Pkg lot is a joke especially when drive thru is backed up but for the food its worth all!!!

  5. Jeff,
    So glad you stopped by and enjoyed the food.

    Yeah, the location is small, but we try to pack a mighty punch. The food is certainly worth it, and the employees love to meet our guests.

    Thanks for the comments. We really listen and tweak after we read them.

    Jackie, one of shift managers, said you stopped by since the blog post, but we missed you. PLEASE be sure to introduce yourself when you come by again.

    Hope to see you soon.

    Evan and Aleka

  6. Burger Beast says...

    Make no bones about it, these guys are the real deal. They listen to your suggestions.

  7. wes russano says...

    great food ,great service PERIOD! I will never forget the day my neighbor said he ordered an EXTRA burger and gave it to me! I love the third pound deluxe,quickies sauce with fries and a coleslaw. After a hard day at work, smiling faces and tasty food , nothing can beat that!

  8. Zig says...

    I went there the first week that they opened. The owner was there most of the time, and the food was great.
    After not going there for about a month..WAS.. is a under statement.
    Well it is not the same. The burger meat is less the fries are less, and the owner was no where in sight.
    Very sad to see, thing are not as they were.
    Other that I know said the same thing.
    I will not be going back

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