Ryan and The Rockers

Posted on September 10th, 2009 · Music/Events/Other

***** Ryan and The Rockers *****

If classic 1950’s-1960’s Rock N’ Roll is your bag…I got an absolutely great– local cover-band for you…Ryan and The Rockers

I recently caught these guys in action at one of my favorite English pub joints…John Bull English Pub in West Palm Beach (see review: Other: 1/24/09) and they are absolutely sensational. Great–Beatles, Elvis, Holly, Righteous Brothers’ covers.

Check Ryan’s website to see some real good video and to check their calendar.

Ryan and The Rockers works all over South Florida…bars, restaurants, hotels, private clubs. Lead by Ryan (that makes sense) these 4-guys will take you back to the 50’s-60’s. Great dance band.

Like I said, if 1950’s-1960’s Rock N’ Roll is your game…then you definitely want to catch Ryan and The Rockers.

One final thought…when groups like Ryan and The Rockers work bars-restaurants…there are usually no cover charges to watch them.

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  1. hank g. says...

    jeff, like you I enjoy classic rock. there are several really good groups in the area. you have already mentioned the shindigs and whitestone. like you i have also seen ryan and the rockers. as a matter of fact i also saw them at john bull’s. they are excellent. ryan has a great voice. the rest of his group are also really good and can also really sing.
    thanks for talking about bands and other events on your site. it adds something.
    by the way, john bull has super food. the bbq ribs are outrageous.

  2. JeffEats says...

    hank g.: Just had a chance to read your post.

    There is a large market for “oldies” bands in South Florida. This type of music is a favorite of mine. Whitestone and The Shindigs are two of the best in the area. Ryan and The Rockers is a relative newcomer to the area.

    Ryan and The Rockers are really good. They do some excellent 50’s-60’s covers. One thought… I think they should add some 70’s disco covers to round out their playlist…to give them a bit-more crowd range.

    Glad to see that “others” out there love this music as much as I do.

    By the way, Ryan and The Rockers is scheduled to play John Bull’s English Pub on 9/12/09…great combination, great food and great music, seems like a plan to me.

    Thanks for reading…

  3. Mr. E. says...

    We have seen Ryan & The Rockers several times. They are a really good group.
    We just booked them for our CC, Cascades Country Club for our New Year’s Eve Party.
    Highly recommend.

  4. EG says...

    Caught Ryan & The Rockers at J. Bull Pub on Saturday night. It really was a terrific time. The band plays outside and people eat and dance outside. The food is always good at that pub and the help is so super nice. The prices are very fair and they let you sit all night to enjoy the music. RRyan & the Rockers are very good. They play loads of music from the 50s and 60s and even do pop stuff like Sinatra and Bobby Darin. They are very personable and very accessible to the audience. I highly recommend this band and the John Bull Pub for a great evev=ning out.

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