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***** Restaurant.Com *****

I recently came across Restaurant.Com (

This company sells “discount” dining certificates. There are loads of South Florida restaurants listed and my “checking” has found that the company is 100% legit. There are all kinds of “deals” offered…with most saving you at least 50%…you know, buy $50 for $25.

Check this site out.

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  1. sharen says...

    I have used these certificates. They work great. Right now if you use promo code “Ninety” you get 90% off. You can buy a $25.00 certificate for $1!

  2. kpc says...

    I buy these too when they have the promo codes (which is often). Only wish they had more restaurants in the Boynton-Boca area.

  3. jeff, last night I went to this site and ordered a whole bunch of gift certificates for various restaurants. for something like $50 I got something like $$800 worth of certificates. if this actually work, it was an incredible deal. i’ll let you know, as i am planning on using a couple of the certificates later this weekend.

  4. kr says...

    I also bought. Sure hope they work!!!!

  5. kr says...

    They worked. Used one at PaDeGennaro’s in Ft, Lauderdale. Terrifc deal.

  6. Karyn & Richard says...

    This does work but there are stipulations and you have to be very careful about what they are before you purchase. Generally they make you pay $50 not incl tip, tax or drinks plus there is a time limit. Also, there is one on there that is NOT my fav: The Deck in Ft Laud. I’d pass on that one.

    Also, Efes Bistro, Med Grille is awesome. Good price. Homemade Med. food and not always too busy. The food there is my favorite in all of Boca for Med. homemade cooking.

    Thanks Jeff!

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