Orient Diner (Boca Raton)

Posted on August 15th, 2009 · Boca Raton Chinese

***** Orient Diner, 1725 South Federal Highway, Delray Beach, Florida 33483 (561) 243-2688.

Orient Diner is a “mom & pop” Chinese joint…aren’t they all? I know all about P. F. Chang’s …this is a relatively new 28-seater having opened in March, 2009. Modern decor, with a glass wall that let’s you watch your food being prepared. Neighborhood prices and service.

Now…I’m a bit confused as to its owners’ “history”…some kind of connection to the Oriient Palace Restaurant that use to be in Delray Beach—the Orient Palace (takeout) in Boca Raton—5 Spice Asian Street Market in Boca Raton …anyway, you sort it out, but the Orient Palace Restaurant had real-good food, the Orient Palace (takeout) has lousy food and 5 Spice Asian has horrendous food.

Anyway…first things first, check Orient Diner’s website for menu/prices. Now, let’s get down to the “taste test”…wonton soup (good), egg rolls (good), pan fried dumplings (good), bbq ribs (good), general tso’s chicken (very good), moo shoo pork (very good), shrimp in black bean sauce (very good), roast pork fried rice (good).

As I mentioned before, something like 28 seats…so it’s a real small joint. I think the “plan” here—as it is in most Chinese joints—lots of takeout.

So my friends, if you live in Boca Raton-Delray Beach…you now have a decent-enough Chinese joint to do business at. China Diner is open Tuesday-Friday 11am-9:30pm, Saturday noon-9:30pm, Sunday 4pm-9:30pm, closed on Monday.

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  1. Richard says...

    Orient Diner is owned by the family that owned and ran Orient Palace in Boca since forever. I found an old menu from when I went there on the Thursday of the week they first opened and I gave it to the older gentleman who was a permanent fixture at the front door there. This was from the days when it was an un-decorated storefront with only the north side of the place open. They used to do crab su mei, and would make it for me even after they took it off the menu–for a while, anyway. I ate there every time I could or ordered out when in a hurry. It was the only Chinese restaurant in Boca that was any good. I am not sure why they closed and moved, but I do know that thieves stole all the copper from the entire building–used to be a K-Mart in the old days–as well as the A/C units, etc., so the building was condemned. Anyway, we tried the Diner and were pleased. The Walnut Shrimp appetizer was excellent, but it does not travel, so eat it there. Moo shu remains as good as it was at the Orient Palace, as does the general’s chicken. Ex and daughter liked the walnut shrimp and the sesame noodle salad a lot and want to go back for it soon. On my to-try list are the spring rolls, lettuce wraps, orange beef, and Thai curry chicken, which was a standout at the Orient Palace, and I am not a curry fan at all. Their slightly higher prices reflect the quality of the raw ingredients, which has always been their differentiator. As for the old take-out place on 18th, it sucked and they make the owner take off their name or sold it or something. I haven’t tried the 5 Spice place on Yamato. Too bad the report here is negative, as I know they probably want to do a good job.

    I should mention that I was taking Chinese cooking classes at Boca High (at night) from a nice lady named Lilian Tsai who was replaced by Cindy Wang in ’80 or ’81. After taking these classes, I could not figure out why Chinese food tasted like garbage in restaurants as it is very easy to cook properly. Orient Palace was the only place in Boca that ever came close to matching the quality and flavors of the food we cooked in class, so that is why I went there for so many years. I have high hopes for the continued quality of the Orient Diner, and I hope it keeps up the high standards from the Orient Palace. Otherwise, I will have to make Chinese food at home from now on.

  2. JeffEats says...

    Richard: Just had a chance to read your posts. Your are a “wealth” of restaurant-business information and I really appreciate your telling me and readers about your experiences. Keep them coming.

    Thanks for reading…

  3. lf says...

    hey jeff, the orient palace on fed highway closed because the shopping center is being demolished. the orient diner is the new version. you are correct orient palace made some really good food. you are alos 100% on the money that the takeout and 5 spices is a bunch of crap. cant figure out why, but that’s what the story is. i have taken food out from the orient diner and its as good as the food that palace use to make. by the way you should try gary woo’s new takeout on yamato rd. in boca raton, really good but a bit expensive.

  4. JeffEats says...

    lf: Just had a chance to read your post.

    Just so you know, I know Gary “Woo”…he use to be a neighbor of mine. As you can see, I have not yet reviewed either of Gary’s joints. They are on my list. I will tell you, that his original joint China Dumpling in Boynton Beach is one of my favorite Chinese joints in S. Florida. Gary is no longer the owner of China Dumpling.

    Thanks for reading…

  5. dennis t. says...

    Big fan of the former orient palace on Federal Highway, but it no more. Will try this smaller version real soon. If it is as good as the old pplace the food will be very good.

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