Hot Pie Pizza & Bar (West Palm Beach)

Posted on August 7th, 2009 · Italian Pizza West Palm Beach


***** Hot Pie Pizza & Bar, 123 South Olive Avenue, West Palm Beach, Florida 33416 (561) 655-2511.

Let me start by saying that I heard about Hot Pie Pizza & Bar…by reading the Sun Sentinel’s- Judith Stocks’ “Dining finds” column (8/6/09)…and from a post that I received from Jim H. on 8/6/09 in the “comments-section” of “The 9 Best Coal Oven Joints In South Florida which was a writeup that Jeff Eats ran on May 22, 2009.

Okay…credit given.

Hot Pie Pizza & Bar is a “coal oven pizza-wing” joint…which happens to make some absolutely delicious pizza and wings. If you check the joint’s website you will find a menu that in addition to pizza-wings also has 3-appetizers, 3-salads, 3-sandwiches, 3-sides, 4-entrees, 1-dessert (root beer float).

This evening I did a small wings (10-$8.95), large plain-old-pizza ($13.95), house salad (for 2-$7.95), penne with bolognaise ($11.95)…everything and I do mean everything was really-good.

Hot Pie Pizza & Bar is a winner…modern looking, pleasant service, reasonable prices and great food. Another beautiful thing about this joint, is that it has “just enough” of a selection, so that if coal oven pizza-wings aren’t your game, you won’t go home without eating…As for only having 1-dessert–let’s just say, root beer floats, don’t float my boat. I’m more a cannoli kinda guy.

Like I said before, back on May 22, 2009 I gave you guys 9 of my favorite “coal oven” joints…let’s just say, that if I had eaten in Hot Pie before I concocted that list, it would have been on it. Oh Well!

Hot Pie is open 7 days a week from 11am-11pm.

4 Comments to “Hot Pie Pizza & Bar (West Palm Beach)”

  1. moretti says...

    jeff i was not to happy with this pizza im a pizza lover and i did not have to much tast sorry to say cuz the place is nice in side…. try de roma on dixi been there for 12 years must be doing something rite/// till next time

  2. Tommy Donelly says...

    Jeff you are spot on tried the Pizza “Upper East Side” It was a Winner, Salad was great I will be back, The server said to try the Johnny New Yorker, Cant wait !!!!!

  3. elma says...

    love hot pie pizza! service is great and servers a very nice and on top of thier game! pie was fantastic! not a large corporate chain so they really care about thier customers and thier products they use

  4. Camille says...

    I love the pizza at Hot Pie. Best pizza I have had here in S. FL. It is always consistent and reminds me of New York pizza. If you are looking for the thick, doughy type of pizza, this is not the place. Try papa John’s for that junk. It is a delicious pie and the place is really clean and stylish. I love it and actually look forward to ordering a pie for Fri. nights.

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