Big Joe’s Burgers and Wings (Boca Raton)

Posted on July 28th, 2009 · American Boca Raton Desserts


***** Big Joe’s Burgers and Wings, 2831 North Federal Highway, Boca Raton, Florida 33431 (561) 447-7995.

If you take out your Webster’s and look under “hole in the wall” burger joint…you will find Big Joe’s Burgers and Wings in Boca Raton. The joint seats something like 10, that’s right 10…and is located in a non-descript (aren’t they all) strip center on Federal Highway. Talk about crappy locations…This is what “we” call a destination spot.

Anyway…Big Joe’s is my kind of a joint. At this stage of this game, checkout its website for menu/prices.

Let me make this real simple…this joint is GREAT. The menu has loads of soups, burgers, sandwiches, wings…not to mention daily specials and desserts.

I recently did a taste-test of a bacon cheeseburger, chicken caesar salad, honey garlic chicken wings, blackened mahi mahi sandwich…absolutely delicious. Now…I don’t know how Big Joe’s makes them, but this joint serves mashed potatoes (you do remember Vice President Dan Qualye, don’t you?) that are absolutely incredible…by the way, the mashed potatoes come in “various flavors/combinations) I had the plain-old ones. The joint also has a lineup of home-made desserts…I did the chocolate peanut butter pie, great.

You absolutely-positively want to try this joint. Like I said before, it is a hole-in-the-wall—in a crappy strip center…so set your GPS or call ahead for directions.

Big Joe’s is open Monday-Friday 11am-8pm.

12 Comments to “Big Joe’s Burgers and Wings (Boca Raton)”

  1. sean r. boca raton says...

    jeff, this one is a hidden gem. outrageous burgers and those mashed potatoes are great. not the easiest place to find. really enjoy your site. thanks.

  2. MK says...

    Never heard of Big Joes before reading about here. Tried it yesterday and the burgers and mashed pot. are excellent. I must have driven by Big Joes 100 times and never noticed it. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. mr. mike says...

    what’s with this joint closed on saturdays?
    was dying to try it but got there last sat. and it was CLOSED. is business that good? maybe close on sundays, but saturdays? get real.

  4. kr says...

    Had a bacon cheese burger with mashed potatoes. TERRIFIC. As good as 5 Guys maybe better. With soda came to $9.
    You guys got to check this hole in the wall out.

  5. jj says...

    excellent burger.
    very small restaurant.
    a real hole in the wall.
    mashed potatoes are a must.

  6. chef betsy says...

    We have our burgers ground fresh daily at our butcher, the Meating Place in Boca, how could we
    not have a great burger. Everything form the coleslaw to the desserts is homemade!
    Not a hole in the wall, but a very clean place. Check out our perfect health scores two times running!

    • boo boo says...

      chef betsy sounds like an idiot.

  7. po says...

    chef betsy, hope your burgers are better than your knowledge of the english language. the term, hole in the wall, isn’t a negative comment. it’s a compliment. read what jeff wrote.

  8. Heather says...

    Big joe’s burgers is outstanding!! Loved it. And the bananna cream pie is out of this world.

  9. Steve W says...

    Jeff, burger and ff were excellent.
    Great find here.
    Steve W

  10. Christy says...

    I have gotta get to this place ASAP! Thanks Jeff!

    • Christy says...

      Just checked this place out yesterday!!! OMG!! Chef Betsey can cook! I had the buffalo chicken tenders and loaded mashed potatoes …YUMMY! The chicken tenders were HUGE! It costed $7.99 +$2.00 for my “loaded” potatoes.I will be going back!

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