Pizza Stop Pasta (West Palm Beach)

Posted on June 25th, 2009 · Italian Pizza West Palm Beach

*****  Pizza Stop Pasta, 911 Village Boulevard, West Palm Beach, Florida 33409 (561) 712-1671.

First things first…back on March 9, 2009 I did a writeup on Pizza Stop located in Coral Springs. Pizza Stop Pasta…different joint…different owner.

Pizza Stop Pasta is a “mom & pop” red-sauce Italian joint. Unless you’ve been on Mars for the past 20 years, you know exactly what Pizza Stop’s decor looks like…what its menu is all about…what its prices are. Check Pizza Stop’s for info–that you may not know.

Let’s call this a NEIGHBORHOOD joint…like if you live or work in Pizza Stop’s neighborhood. Decent enough pizza, veal parm, chicken parm, veal marsala, shrimp scampi, garlic knots. Nothing amazing…but ok-stuff.

Pizza Stop Pasta is open 7 days a week 11am-10pm.

3 Comments to “Pizza Stop Pasta (West Palm Beach)”

  1. Karina says...

    I just left this restaurant. I witnessed the owner having his hands in the money drawer and then proceeded to make a salad. He never used gloves….nor did he wash his hands. I asked him why he didn’t use gloves and he said he was too busy. That is disgusting! I will NEVER go back there again! I would not recommend this restaurant to anyone. It’s just a matter of time before the health department sees this and shuts them down.

  2. Shani says...

    I have never seen a more despicable restaurant in my life!!! I order from them countless times and this one time in particular I received my delivery and the pizza was COLD!!! I then called the restaurant to tell them of the problem and to see if they can send me a fresher pizza!! The owner got on the phone and said NO, he quoted in his words “THE PIZZA IS NEVER FRESH WE JUST WARM IT UP” then he proceeded to CALL ME A NIGGER AND ITS BECAUSE IM BLACK WHY THE PIZZA WAS COLD. I have never been so disrespected and angered in my life!

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