The 9 Best Coal Oven Pizza Joints In South Florida

Posted on May 22nd, 2009 · Italian Pizza


*****  The 9 Best Coal Oven Pizza Joints In South Florida  *****

Over the past few weeks, a number of  you guys…asked me to name my favorite  South Florida coal-oven pizza joint. It was a “tough call”…

Here’s a list for you…by the way, you may find a wood-fired or a brick-oven joint thrown into the mix. In descending order…with only PIZZA being rated.

1. Carolina’s Coal Fired Pizza & Pasta  (Delray Beach) (5/27/08)

2. Mona Lisa Coal Oven Pizza (Deerfield Beach) (4/24/09)

3. Tucci’s Fire N Coal Pizza (Boca Raton) (5/15/09)

4. Andiamo! (Miami) (8/29/08-brick oven)

5. Pieducks (Miami) (11/28/08-brick oven)

6. Giovanni’s Coal Fired Pizza (Parkland) (3/9/08).

7. Sicilan Oven (Lighthouse Point) (3/14/09-wood fired)

8. Scarfone’s Coal Fired Pizza (Coral Springs) (6/6/08)

9. Bella Cucina Wood Fire Pizza (Palm Beach Gardens) (1/13/09-wood fired)

Now, you may or may not be asking…How come Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza which has locations all over South Florida, isn’t on the list? Answer…the above 9 joints are better.

If you check my writeups, you will find other… very good coal oven/wood fired/brick oven pizza joints…it was a close call, but these are my 9 favorites.

One of these days, when I am feeling super ambitious, I’ll get you a list of my 9 favorite “regular” pizza joints.

54 Comments to “The 9 Best Coal Oven Pizza Joints In South Florida”

  1. ggold says...

    have eaten at most mentioned, Steve’s wood fired in boca is the hands down best of all, amazing pizza and their tray keeps the crust crispy to the last bite

  2. ds says...

    ate at anthony’s in boca last night. pizza stunk. ribs stunk. salad and wings were good.
    all and all very overrated.

  3. ronnie g says...

    no doubt about it, carolina’s has amazingly delicious coal fired pizza. no one in fl comes even close.

  4. Jose Portobello says...

    I think it is time to update this list! There are several good new places out there!

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