Seagull’s Diner (Juno Beach)

Posted on May 11th, 2009 · American Breakfast Juno Beach

*****  Seagull’s Diner, 891 Donald Ross Road, Juno Beach, Florida 33408  (561) 775-1542.

Seagull’s Diner is my kind of a joint…neighborhood diner, where you get great breakfasts-lunches…real and I do mean real casual. Unfortunately for me, I don’t live close-enough to Seagull’s Diner, to make this joint a daily or for that matter  even a monthly sojourn …for those of you who do (live close), I am telling you, that this joint could easily become a “staple” in your life.

Just so you know…I tried this joint, after seeing its listing with  South Florida Dines …checkout the site and under “S” you will find a video-menu-text about Seagull’s Diner.

Seagull’s Diner is a “mom & pop” joint…like I said before, terrific breakfast & lunch menu…As expected, Seagull’s is located in a non-descript South Florida strip-center…if you weren’t expressly looking for this joint, it would not be the easiest place to find. Seagull’s menu is packed and I do mean packed with breakfast stuff, appetizers,  salads, sandwiches, burgers…I did a chicken salad on rye toast, tuna salad on white toast, cheeseburger and fries–outing…just right.

Not to beat a dead-horse…but, if you look in Webster’s under “neighborhood  small town-mom & pop diner” you’d probably find this joint’s picture.

Seagull’s is open 7 days a week from 7am-3pm. One final thought, South Florida Dines has some of that “discount money” for this joint…so you can save a few bucks, if you want to give Seagull’s a shot.

2 Comments to “Seagull’s Diner (Juno Beach)”

  1. Mark says...

    Sounds like a nice place but a bit to far for me but have to mention has introduced to me some of the best places in town. Plus saved me money on places i already go to. Just yesterday i saved 13.00 at my local place Salvadorian El Salvodoreno in Lake worth.

  2. George says...

    Food is good but the place is filthy, won’t be going back.

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