New York Comedy Club (Boca Raton)

Posted on May 4th, 2009 · American Boca Raton

*****  New York Comedy Club, 8221 Glades Road, Boca Raton, Florida 33434 (561) 470-6887.

Got a great idea for you guys…New York Comedy Club in Boca Raton.

The joint is located in the back and I do mean “back” of a  Boca Raton strip-center. Thursday-Saturday nights, New York Comedy features…headliners and newcomers. You need a “ticket” to get in…and you have to “buy” 2-menu items….either drink or food. Tickets range in price…but “just a real  good educated guess here”…if you call in advance, you can usually score complimentary passes. On the food…decent enough. Nothing gourmet…appetizers, salads, burgers, sandwiches, desserts. Trust me, you won’t get tomaine poisioning. As for food-drink prices, surprisingly reasonable.

Last Saturday night, I was comped 4-tickets to see comedienne, Judy Tenuta. Had an absolute blast at the 11pm show and the whole bill with tax-tip was $44…4 sodas-2 coffees-2 appetizers (pot stickers & chicken wings). Take a look at the website at for schedule/menu/prices.

I repeat…you need a ticket to get in. I repeat…if you are real pleasant, you probably can get “comp” tickets, unless we are talking a major-major headliner like Robert Klein or David Brenner.

Terrific place. Real casual. Super pleasant owners, managers and waiters/waitresses.  Decent enough food-prices. As for “the show”…it all depends on who you see.

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  1. gs boca says...

    jeff, the ny comedy club is one of the best kept secrets going. it has been in business for years, yet very few people know about it. as you pinted out it is located out of the way in back of a center on glades road. there is a dukin donuts and chinese restaurant in front of it. sometimes they charge for tkts and sometimes they give them away for nothing. i guess it depends on who the acts are and how they get paid. i have been going there for years and since they know me i usually dont pay. i still have to pay for those 2 item menu minimum. as for the food the burgers and wings and other stuff is just fine. they are fairly priced. i have seen loads of shows here and some are terrific and some stink. like you wrote it depends on the comics who are working on a particular night. my favorite comic is bobby collins who has been here several times. arte lang from howard stern and others that you have heard of show up all the time. like jj walker.
    this is a real fun place to have a burger fries and beer and spend a few hours laughing.

  2. There are a few comedy clubs in Florida, like the Improv at the Hard Rock, at Coconut Grove and at City Place. They are terrific places and get some top comics.

    NY Comedy Club is like a neighborhood place. Not as fancy, but they often get some great young comics and real headliners. I have been at the three Improvs and have been to NY Comedy a number of times. All of them are fun.

    NY Comedy’s food is ok and the prices are ok. Unlike the Improv’s there are tons of complimentary tickets that you can get.

    If you live in Boca or near by, try Ny Comedy.

  3. rf says...

    jeff, ny comedy club is a gret deal. it is easy to get free admission and you have a 2 drink/food minimum. terrific shows and not bad food. great evening.

  4. SS says...

    Was there last night with 6 people. Got free tickets. Costs about $16 a person with 2 item minimum. It is a great deal, if the comic are good. Last night they had 4 comics and it was absolute torture, they all were terrible. So only go when someone good is going to be there otherwise its torture to sit for over 2 hours listening to crap.

  5. eg says...

    great inexpensive night out.
    just call them and they’ll give you comp tkts.

    • sheila says...

      saw the show last night. for 60 bucks for 2, dinner and beverages, terrific time.

  6. anna says...

    Jeff, last Saturday night i went to the late show at 9;30pm. i saw 4 comics. 2 were terrific, phil tag and lenny travers. for the price of 1 coke and a slice of carrot cake and a tip, about $15 total i saw a great show and had a nice evening. i highly recommend this club.

  7. evelyn says...

    I tried today,May 30th, to make reservations for Saturday…a very very fast talking female abswered and claimed you are relocating as of May (we are almost into June). she gave a website but then again too too fast. Can’t understand her…really want to come (3 people). I actually spelled out name of club to get here…please advise how I can visit on Sat. June 2nd….thanking you in advance

  8. TRD says...

    Was there tonight.
    Comics were good.
    Surprise visit by Lenny Schultz. He killed it.

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