The Palm Beach Steakhouse 33480 (Palm Beach)

Posted on April 17th, 2009 · American Palm Beach Seafood

*****  The Palm Beach Steakhouse 33480, 191 Bradley Place, Palm Beach, Florida 33480 (561) 671-4333.

I absolutely HATE overly pretentious-Upscale steakhouses…you know the joints where you have to wear pants–entrees cost an arm & a leg–entrees come with no sides– side dishes cost more than a set of new tires—the waitstaff treats you like crap–and most of the time, the food is just ok.

Anyway, other than the “wearing of pants” part…The Palm Beach Steakhouse 44380 is none of the above.

First things first, checkout this joint’s website at for menu/prices/details.

The Palm Beach Steakhouse is a terrific “white tablecloth upscale” restaurant. A recent outing had me “sampling” a 20-oz bone-in ribeye steak ($41), crab cakes ($32), lamb chops ($32), grilled shrimp ($35). All of the entrees came with 2- sides…and the food was dynamite. The service was friendly and professional, no “airs” whatsoever.

This joint is a winner…The Palm Beach Steakhouse 33480 is open Sunday-Thursday 4pm-10pm and Friday-Saturday 4pm-midnight.

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  1. Bob R. says...

    Hey Jeff, I have eaten at Palm Beach and you are right it is really good. It’s not exactly cheap but you get a much better value than at the other steak houses in the area. South Florida Dines has the discount/money for this one, so you can save on the meal.

  2. RF says...

    Lamb chops were salty. Roast beef was fine. Nothing extraordinary going on there.

  3. Norman H. says...

    Was ok but not great.

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