The Knife Argentinian Steak House (Miami)

Posted on April 8th, 2009 · Latin Miami

       The Knife Argentinian Steak House, 401 Biscayne Boulevard (Bayside Marketplace), 401 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, Florida  33132  (786) 866-3999.

The Knife is a small  “Argentinian Steakhouse” chain.  Take a look at its website  for menu/prices/locations/photos.

Just so you know, this chain has 2-setups…some locations are “all-you-can-eat”  full buffet restaurants…and others are “food court” spots  where you can order various chicken-meat stuff.  From the website, there are full joints in Coconut Grove, Hallandale, Sawgrass and Bayside Marketplace and food courts in Miami Interntioanl Mall and Bayside Marketplace (Bayside has both types of setups.)

Anyway…a couple of  weeks ago,  I “got” a burger and  my wife “got” a  grilled chicken breast  from the Bayside food-court location. GARBAGE!! Salty crappy food. The food was so bad, that after a few bites we threw the stuff in the trashcan.

If we weren’t in such a hurry to get to AAA to watch the NCAA men’s basketball-games…I would have made a major stink to the guys running this craphole.

Based on this “outing”…I wouldn’t even think about trying the full-restaurant setup.

3 Comments to “The Knife Argentinian Steak House (Miami)”

  1. Burger Beast says...

    This place is garbage, stay away!!!!

  2. Larry L. says...

    For years I have had season tkts to the Heat. I eat in the Bayside food court quite often. The place is dirty and business is so poor that there a loads of empty stalls. The knife has a stall and a full restaurant. The prices in the restaurant are outrageous and the stall aren’t much better. The restaurant is for tourists only as no one in their right mind would pay close to $30 to eat a crappy buffet. On the fast food it is the worse. It looks good but is crp meat and you are right it it is so over seasoned. The problem with Bayside is all of the food court places are crappy. There is a Chicken Kitchen that is terrible. The Chinese and pizza ones are also horrendous. I seriously question if the food is fresh in these places as they only do limited business when the Heat is in town or cruise ships are in. Also the Chili’s and Bubba Gump’s in Bayside are terrible. The Hooters is good.

  3. sharen says...

    I had my first experiance at an Argentine steakhouse (not an all you can eat, but way more than plenty) You should try Beefeaters in Hollywood. It was delicious, the staff super friendly and the prices were great.

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