Seasons 52 (Boca Raton, Palm Beach Gardens, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando & Altamonte Springs)


  Seasons 52, 2300 Northwest Executive Center Drive, Boca Raton, Florida 33431 (561) 998-9952.

Seasons 52 is an “American Style” joint…that serves a  limited menu of appetizers, salads, flatbreads, meat/chicken/seafood entrees and desserts. The game here… nothing on the menu has more than 475 calories.

Just so you know, my wife and kids love this joint…As for me, Seasons 52 isn’t my kind of joint. When I eat-out, I like to E A T  O U T.  I have absolutely no interest in a restaurant that serves… small portions of just ok food  but charges “full portion” prices. Now,  I could be wrong here as Seasons 52 currently has 5 Florida locations and 3 outside of Florida…but I found the food  at the Boca Raton location to be nothing special and the portion-size beyond ridiculous. This a great place IF you want to be on a forced diet.

Let me send you to Seasons 52’s website for menu/prices and photos which will give you some idea of what I am babbling about here.

One side note…the Boca joint has a piano bar. On the night that I was there, Jamie “King” Colton the renowned bluesman was tinkling the ivories. From what I understand, Jamie, a Boca Raton resident has a steady evening gig at Seasons 52, when he is not on tour with his band or touring with folks like Dion DiMucci or some other famous rocker. Checkout Jamie “King” Colton on “You Tube” and “MySpace” and you will find that this guy plays something like 29 instruments, has recorded/performed with the “who’s who” of rock/blues music and had numerous hits as a recording artist with Motown Records.

All I can say, is Jamie “King” Colton would be the only reason why I would eat at Seasons 52 again.

Seasons 52 is open Sunday-Friday 11:30am-10pm and Saturday 11:30am-11pm.

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  1. brian r. says...

    Come on Jeff the food is not all that bad. These guys got a gimmick with this calorie thing. Personally not for me but many people like it.
    I have seen Colton several times. Once at Seasons and another time at the Blues Festival at Nova. he is real good.

    You were too hard on this JOINT.

  2. nytimesreporter says...

    As a NYT critic I have to assume your taste in food (and music) has gotten really bad since you are living in tasteless Florida….. Seasons 52 has great,healthy, tasty food with large portions (of course, depending on what you order -Try the Shrimp Pasta, or the Large Chicken Salad… and more) Jamie Colton is a good pianist, but his singing is unintelligible, and a times louder than the bar scene.

    • Dennis W. says...

      I think you got in backwards my friend, food is fair, Colton is excellent.
      Was just there this past Saturday night.

  3. jenna says...

    Got invited to dinner there. They do not serve any butter ! Small portions.. no salt.. tasteless puts it mildly..but everyone was drinking the night away. Wonder why ! Would never go back there again. I think you can only stand this place if you are drinking and drinking plenty. Inside reminded me of 60’s Miami…

  4. matt says...

    ok food.
    colton rocks the house.
    party of 4 there last night. colton is terrific, made for a fun evening.

  5. Steve says...

    To: NYTimes, (You wish you were) –
    I have been to Seasons 52, and have listened to Jamie King Colton on a regular basis. He is outrageously talented and his singing is superb!
    I, along with my friends & family, will continue to frequent Seasons 52 specifically to hear this fine musician.
    Tasteless FL? Go back to NY!

  6. LOI says...

    Food was fair. Jamie King Colton was great last Friday Night in Ft Lauderdale.

  7. Cody G says...

    I really like the Boca location. Great food and terrific piano bar.

  8. Ts23 says...

    Love the food at 52

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