Cardello’s Italian Restaurant (Lake Park)

Posted on March 27th, 2009 · Italian Lake Park Pizza

*****  Cardello’s Italian Restaurant, 1447 10th Street, Lake Park, Florida 33403 (561) 848-0123.

Cardello’s is my kind of a joint…

Just so you know, we are not talking gourmet stuff here. We are talking, in no particular order…  LOTS OF RED SAUCE, HUGE MENU, LARGE PORTIONS, CHEAP PRICES, GREAT HELP, LARGE BAR, SUPER CASUAL, LOTS OF RED SAUCE (I think I already listed this one), WEEK-DAY BUFFET, DECENT ENOUGH FOOD.

 Imagine the PERFECT ITALIAN JOINT for a college-town…and you got Cardello’s. Appetizers, pastas, subs, pizzas, meat-chicken-seafood entrees.

Cardello’s is open Monday-Saturday 11am-10pm and Sunday 10:30am-10pm. The bar area, with a full menu is open 7-days a week to 2am.

3 Comments to “Cardello’s Italian Restaurant (Lake Park)”

  1. Bill from Delray Beach says...

    Now if you could only find me a place just like this but in or around Delray, and with good parking, I think I’d run away with you.

  2. mike e. says...

    You were so right. Ate at Cardello’s and it reminded me of my favorite pizza joint Willington Pizza when I went to UCONN back in the the 90’s. Take a look at Willington’s website Amazing similar places.

  3. Phyllis says...

    What a HORRIBLE experience!!!!!!!!!!! Services and food suck big time. So not worth the money. McDonald’s has better salad than they have. The server is so racist.
    Never again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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