Coco’s Cafe (Delray Beach)

Posted on March 24th, 2009 · American Breakfast Delray Beach Desserts


*****  Coco’s Cafe, 1236 East Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach, Florida 33483 (561) 279-9328.

Let’s call Coco’s Cafe a “hole in the wall” diner.

This terrific joint is open 7 days a week from 7am-10pm. Its menu is packed with breakfast-stuff, burgers, subs, hot dogs, sandwiches, salads…not to mention, 24 gelato flavors. Delicious food. Very reasonable prices. Extremely pleasant service. The joint even has a couple of outdoor tables, if dining al fresco is your bag.

If you wear anything but tee shirts/shorts, you are going to be over-dressed.

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  1. Rick says...

    I would be happy to host you sometime at my gelato store. I’m inside Collado’s Market at 3416 South Federal in Delray (on the Delray-Boca border). It’s not easy to find me because the city of Delray, in their infinite wisdom, refuses to allow me to replace the “ParadIces” sign in front of the store…….???
    I make all the gelato on premises, fresh daily.
    I invite you to come in any time. We are flanked, in the same building, with a gourmet Italian Market on one side and a brand new fresh produce market on the other.

    Rick Consolo
    Gelato at Collado’s

  2. Dan Carlson says...

    Coco’s in Delray Beach is the place to go if you’re looking for friendly service, the best food around, and great atmosphere. When we’re hanging out at the beach and looking for a meal, or have family staying at the Delray Beach Marriott, it’s the first place we think of and we’re never disappointed. Prices are reasonable, the cooks are always top notch and fast, in fact all staff is friendly and right on top of what’s going on.

    Awesome breakfasts as well! You won’t believe the plates of Pancakes, French Toast and eggs that arrive at your table. Better than or equal to the best restaurants I would say.
    Great music, great people, great food, great location, low prices. What more could you ask for? Check it out….you won’t be sorry!

  3. Joseph M. says...

    The worst dining experience I have had in the longest time, took 30 minutes for food to arrive & two of the orders were cooked incorrectly as well as the attitude of the servers was straight out rude. As we were leaving the excuses ranged from being short staffed to being swamped; what I saw was servers chatting it up with friends and skipping orders. One person stated it took one hour for her to get a hot dog! First and last time eating there.

    • peter rogers says...

      wow, i was in the restaurant that day…and they were so packed !! its too bad people like above do not give places a second chance cause they are busy…that place was so busy i am glad my food arrived hot and within 30 minutes, because great breakfast places are well worth the wait !!!

  4. Fred Garver says...

    One of the Best Burgers in South Florida. Comparable to Burgers in Philly, PA. John, the owner is a good man and seems to enjoy feeding Atlantic Ave.
    Try it, You’ll Like it”

  5. kelly says...

    Hi, i am a wholesaler of all natural gelato. I will be newly starting up the delray beach area and south florida.
    I would like some of your contacts of your gelato stores to maybe get some new clients.
    Can you contact me when you have a chance.
    813 850 9200. thanks

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