Woodro Kosher Deli (Hewlett, New York)

Posted on March 16th, 2009 · Delicatessen Hewlett, New York


*****  Woodro Kosher Deli, 1342 Peninsula Boulevard, Hewlett, New York 11557 (516) 791-4034.

I know that Jeff Eats is suppose to be about SOUTH FLORIDA JOINTS…but, every so often, I come across terrific-joints in other areas which I think that you should know about. On this one, let’s call it “reverse-osmosis”…say hello to the Woodro Kosher Deli located in Hewlett, New York.

Let me make this review real simple…this joint, which has been in business for something like 50 years, makes some of the best “kosher-deli” stuff that I have ever eaten. The Woodro which seats something like 150, has a menu packed with appetizers, sandwiches and meat-chicken entrees. A recent “taste-test” had me sampling this joint’s brisket, pastrami, corned beef…not to mention, potato knish, hawaiian chicken salad, matzoh ball soup and roast chicken. Everything and I do mean everything, was absolutely dynamite.

All I can tell you, is that the Woodro Kosher Deli is one of the best delis that I have ever eaten in. The joint is open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner.

Anyway…you now know about an absolutely terrific “kosher deli” located in Hewlett, New York.

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  1. B. Diamond says...

    Hey Jeff:
    As a snowbird down here (actually a snowflake) I am quite familar with the Woodro as I live in Merrick, LI which is very close to Hewlett. My family has been eating at the Woodro for about 30 years and as you correctly point out the food is wonderful.

    The other good deli on LI is Ben’s which has a location in Boca Raton. But when at home I like Woodro better.

    I recently started eating at Pastrami Queen in Boca Raton which from reading your site I know that you really like. It isn’t kosher, but it is still really good.

    As a native New Yorker we are pretty particular about our deli. When at home its the Woodro and when down here in Boca Raton it is either Ben’s or Pastrami Queen.

    Just wanted to say thanks for your reviews. As a former New Yorker many of your calls are 100% correct. Thanks for also turning us on to Nino’s, Carolina’s, Pizza Time, J. Mark’s which we have tried in recent weeks. All of them were excellent.

    Next up, we are going to give Sieng Chinese a try.

    Thanks again.

  2. Bill from Delray Beach says...

    Hello again Jeff ~
    Now this place I can talk about at length… you see, Bill from Delray Beach used to be Bill from Long Beach, NY. My son now lives in an Orthodox group home only 3 blocks from Woodro’s, and we would take him to dinner there at least once a week.
    Not only does Woodro’s have great food – their mushroom burger is to die for! – but the help there was more like family. Great sandwiches, entrees always served with a smile and a kind word.
    Seeing this joint mentioned here brought a smile to my face and a lot of really great memories to mind. I have to agree with you that while Woodro’s might not be worth a trip from Delray just for dinner, when in the area it is the deli of choice (although Lido Kosher Deli in Long Beach is up there too).
    Keep ’em coming and think about an organized invasion of one of these joints by your readers for a communal lunch one day – a Jeff Eats readers’ get together.

  3. Mike G. says...

    Well I might as well join in here. I use to live in Woodmere before I moved to Delray Beach in 1996. I lived in Woodmere for about 25 years and was a frequent Woodro customer. Let’s put it this way, the Woodro is one of the best kosher delis going. Woodro is owned by Norman who knows everything that there is about the deli business. He pickles his own corned beef and his pastrami and other meats are as good as they get.
    You mentioned his chicken salad. That appetizer was one of my favorites, chicken salad with pineapple and nuts. One of my other favorites is the fried kreplach with sauteed onions. Like you say Jeff, don’t tell my cardiologist.
    Too bad there is no Woodro down here. Right now I eat at Ben’s which is good and have recently started to eat at the new kid on the block Pastrami Queen, which makes some real good pastrami and great matzoh ball soup.
    Don’t get back up north that often, but when I am in the 5 towns I always stop in and grab a bite at the Woodro. Love Norman and the rest of his gang.

    A throwback to another era.

  4. TS says...

    jeff, snowbird here. Live 6 months in Boca and 6 months in Woodmere. Nobody beats the Woodro when it comes to Kosher deli. I have been eating there for over 35 years and never had a bad meal. My favorite item is the Hawaian chicken salad.

  5. RK says...

    I have a home in Woodmere and an apartment in Boca. I think I know good deli. I really enjoy Pastrami Queen and Ben’s. All in all, Woodro is still the best in my book.

  6. JG says...

    I grew up in Hewlett in the 50’s to 70’s and lived about 3 blocks from The Woodro. I went there about 2 to 3 times a week. Yes, the best pastrami around. One of my favorites are the Hot Dogs on the grill in the front as you walk into the place. I would stop in for a Dog with mustard and kraut(what else) and leave. What a memory!!!

    • jc says...

      thanks…now im in the mood for one. thats my fav thing about that place–the hot dogs on the grill up front. mmmm oh so good 🙂 1 dog with.

  7. JG says...

    Oh I forgot If you have not tried it yet you should go. The New York Big Apple Deli in North Miami Beach is very good. The Owner Michael will make sure your satified and the cook Dale is the BEST!!!! His soup de jour are out of this world. Address is 14432 Biscayne Bl. North Miami Beach, Fl. 33181. Try it you’ll like it!!!!

  8. STEVE S. says...

    My wife and I currently live full time in Woodmere. We also have an apartment in Boca Largo in Boca Raton. We have been customers of the Woodro for close to 40 years. Woodro’s food is outstanding. They serve some of best deli that we have ever eaten. When we are down South we enjoy Ben’s in Boca and use to also enjoy Pastrami Queen which recently closed. All and all, Woodro’s food is better than those two. Too bad Woodro never came to Florida because it would have had a huge following.

  9. SD says...

    Woodro’s food runs circles areound Ben’s and all of the other delis in S.Fla. Woodro has been aroun for over 50 years. It is better than Stage and carneige. That’s a fact.

    • Mrs. Klein says...

      SD, you are so right.
      I live part time in Delray Beach and most of what they call delis stink. Ben’s is ok and Pomperdale is the best of breed.
      I love Woodro. This one has never let me down.

  10. zipper says...

    too bad the woodro never came to florida. their food runs circles around what’s down here.

  11. Mr. George says...

    A recent shiva at our house had us getting numerous meat platters from Woodro. The food was outrageously good.
    We are snow birds.
    Too bad Woodro never came to Florida.
    The only kosher deli in our Florida area is Ben’s. Here on LI and in Fl its food is no match for the Woodro.
    Woodro please open in Boca!!! Please!

  12. The Golds says...

    Outstanding turkey and brisket at our seder. Thanks Norman.

  13. dude says...

    of note try “The Lucky Dill” in Palm Harbor Florida allI can say is O.M.G.

  14. vanda says...

    Woodro is great.
    Zinger’s that just opened in Boca is also really good.

  15. Ed says...

    NORMAN please open in Florida.
    We keep kosher so we are stuck with Ben’s in Boca.
    We have heard terrific things about this new one called Zinger’s but it’s kosher style so it doesn’t work for us.

  16. Laura B. says...

    Love Zinger’s in Boca.
    We are snowbirds.
    When not in Boca, Woodro is our place.

  17. Mbc2012 says...

    Woodrow’s after all these years is still top notch.

  18. BobbyC1952 says...

    Was visiting old friends in Lawrence LI. Hadnt been to The Woodro in 15 years. Stopped in for lunch last week and had Hawaian chicken salad and a pastrami on rye. Delicious. Brought back many memories.

  19. NBC says...

    one of the best if not the best deli on the island. ben’s doesnt even come close.

  20. larry f. says...

    they make terrific tuna and chicken salads.

  21. NewLenny says...

    My wife and I are snow birds. We live in Delray in the winter and Woodmere in the summer.
    The Woodro has been around for close to 50 years. It is a fabulous kosher deli.
    When we are in Florida we go to Zinger’s in Boca. It’s a kosher style deli and has really good food.
    So we are very nicely covered all year round.

  22. David says...

    Woodro’s is now on Broadway in Hewlett. Food is still excellent as is the service. Our go to place in New York and Zingers our go to place in Florida.

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