Sicilian Oven (Lighthouse Point)

Posted on March 14th, 2009 · Italian Lighthouse Point Pizza


*****  Sicilian Oven, 2486 North Federal Highway, Lighthouse Point, Florida 33064.

Got an absolutely terrific “wood fired Italian” joint for you…Sicilian Oven, located in Lighthouse Point. 

Gave this joint a shot last night and got-to tell you, that the food is dynamite. The menu is packed with appetizers, salads, pastas, ciabattas, wings and pizzas. My “taste test” (somebody has to do it)… sicilian salad ( a combination of mixed greens, roasted peppers, roman tomatoes, red onions, garbanzo beans & something like 5 other ingredients), wood oven roasted chicken wings, wood fired pizza, “no pasta” lasagna (eggplant & vegetables), meatballs and fried calamari…everything was delicious.

Sicilian Oven is owned by two guys, Andrew and Ralph. From what I can tell, Andrew “handles” the action in the open-kitchen and Ralph “handles” the dining area. Although the joint was packed, these boys were efficiently cranking-out some heavy duty orders. Sicilian Oven is a real modern looking joint, with just enough flat-screen tv sets to make it interesting for sports-afficianados. The prices are neighborhood “pizza joint” prices. Service is excellent & your tee shirt/shorts’ ensemble will work here.

Just so you know, although Sicilian Oven has only been open for something like 4-months, it already has a loyal-following… Giving credit where credit is do, Sun Sentinel food critic Judith Stocks gave the joint **** (four stars: excellent) on March 13, 2009…so, old Jeff Eats can’t claim to be the “discoverer” of this one…as a matter of fact, it was Stocks’ review that alerted me to this joint.

Give Sicilian Oven a try, it really is that good. For menu/prices, check its website

Sicilian Oven is open Monday-Saturday 11:30am-10pm and Sunday 4pm-10pm.

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  1. Dinner last night for four ran $77 with tip and taxes. Plenty of delicious food for the money. Enjoyed your review and the one in Sun Sentinel. I also saw that the South Florida Daily Blog ran your review.
    Good choice.

  2. kenny says...

    I have eaten here alot and wanted to see what others wrote about this place. How come nobody else has responded. I think this place is great and I always see a wait on the weekend. They are not a coal oven place, they are wood, and I think that is what sets them apart from those places. No burnt pizza here!

  3. Stephen W. says...

    Wonderful pizza.
    Nice find.

  4. Mike B. says...

    Food B+
    Service B

  5. jj says...

    food a
    serv a
    decor a
    parking a
    prices a
    portions a

  6. Marie says...

    Nothing short of AWESOME!!! They even make the soups fresh and subtract ingredients for you. I am now eating here weekly since I moved up.

  7. Lisa says...

    Hey Jeff. Love your reviews. I read you all the time. I checked out Sicilian Oven when you first wrote about them. They are fantastic, did you know they opened a second location in Coral Springs. I for one am very happy they did because I live in Parkland, and Lighthouse point was a drive, but well worth it. Check them out I did!

  8. JeffEats says...

    Lisa: Just had a chance to read your post.

    I love the Sicilian Oven in Lighthouse Point. I heard that a second location had opened in Coral Springs. I haven’t been there yet.

    Glad you enjoyed both.

    Thanks for reading…

  9. mark p. says...

    great pizza and salads

  10. Dennis says...

    I think you’ve been living in Florida for way too long. This place wouldn’t last 6 months in New York. Their large pies are 14 inches for $14. Its pretty good food as South Florida goes; but I’d put it into the newfangled “flatbread” category rather than pizza. Its bar food. It’s Anthony’s with a cooler oven. My view is that if you like both Anthony’s and Sicilian oven then you basically like anything with tomatoes and mozzarella on it. Does it taste good? Sure. Is it Pizza? No way.

    • Scott says...

      I have to tell you Dennis I now have read two reviews from you and I disagree with both. You seem to bash Sicilian Oven and say that the pizza is nothing but” flatbread”, and bar food. How come it has been given accolades from sun sentinel’s food critic. Now you are disagreeing with Jeff Eats. What was it luck? In the other review you picked on the cashier for asking a last name, don’t give it if you don’t want to. Why does that have to be in your review? You have every right to give your opinion of their food but.,I don’t think your comments need to be addressing the way they operate . I like the place and I like the people that work there, they don’t need bad reviews like yours

  11. Sid L. Turner says...

    Love their pizza.

  12. Lonnie says...

    They now have three locations, I love the pizza,

  13. robertw says...

    Only in South Florida. I call the Coral Springs location to order a sicilian on a sunday night at 6PM. Sorry we are all out. The name of the place is sicilian oven. Of course it is amazing when you find out they dont have any. Sweet

  14. pAT says...

    I HAVE HAD PIZZA HERE FOR 3 YEARS NOW iT IS Fantastic. would love to havethe recipe for salad ant the dressing.

  15. Sacks says...

    Great pizzas and salads.

  16. derry says...

    love the food there.

  17. Roman says...

    They have tremendous pizza.

  18. Tom B says...

    They are opening in Boca.
    Their food is terrific.

  19. KappyA says...

    Ate in Boca loc last night. Pizza was ok but not great.

  20. SidRidesABike says...

    Ate in Boca this evening.
    Delicious salad and wings.
    Pizza was delicious.
    Good service.
    Prices a drop on the high side but not too terrible.
    Will be back.

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