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Nathan’s Famous (Sunrise)

Posted on January 20th, 2009 · American Fast Food Sunrise


      Nathan’s Famous, 12801 West Sunrise Boulevard (Sawgrass Mills Mall), Sunrise, Florida (954) 846-1394.

This past Sunday, I visited the Sawgrass Mills Mall in Sunrise. While my “better-half” shopped, I killed 3 hours (2:45pm-5:45pm) reading books in Books A Million and seeing how many free-toothpick bourbon chicken samples I could devour.

Sawgrass has 2 large food-courts…with the usual mall-tenants like, Sbarro, Panda Express, Chicken Connection, Subway, Burger King, Auntie Anne’s…One quick observation. Except for Nathan’s Famous, everyone of the food-outlets had beautifully “show-cased” food… and energetic-nimble workers “banging” orders out like crazy.

There are things that I think I know and things that I know I know…and I know for sure that Nathan’s (the chain) which has been around since 1916, serves the best hot-dogs and french fries in the world.

The Sawgrass Nathan’s is an absolute disgrace. The workers are slower than the zombies that star in those Night Of The Living Dead flicks. While watching, there were no “delicious smelling” hot dogs “sizzling” on the grill (as a matter of fact, there was nothing on the grill)…there were two lines, one filled with frustrated people waiting to place an order and another, filled with frustrated people (standing with receipts) waiting for their food. In the span of 20 minutes, I actually watched 17 people walk-away without placing orders, because they obvioulsy didn’t want to play Rip Van Winkle while ordering-picking up fast-food.

Take a look at Nathan’s website at for menu/details. This fast-food chain has something like 234 outlets…Whoever owns the Sawgrass location…you got “gold” but you have absolutely no idea how to run a fast-food joint.

5 Comments to “Nathan’s Famous (Sunrise)”

  1. george s. says...

    Try the Nathans in Boynton Beach, 141 Congress Avenue 561 369-7833. Great hot dogs fries and the help is real good. Everything is fresh.

  2. Mr. Jetson says...

    Nathan’s just opened in Boca Town Center. Good hot dog and delicious fries.

  3. Ollie Jones says...

    still got the best french fries.

  4. Stuart Rothman says...

    From: Stuart Rothman
    Subject: Nathan’s

    Message Body:
    Just happened across your website. We too are Brooklynites (me: Brooklyn Tech
    1963, wife: Tilden 1964). We have been Florida visitors since 1974. Checked
    out some of your reviews and you are generally right on. I do, however, take a
    very minor issue with your “A” rating of Nathan’s french fries. Going gack to
    the original Nathan’s on Stillwell Avenue and perhaps to some of the early other
    locations like Oceanside or Hicksville, they certainly deserve the “A” rating.
    But today, even at the original location, they just ain’t what they used to be.
    I’d say “A minus”.

    Whaddya think?

    Stu Rothman

  5. JeffEats says...

    Stuart Rothman:

    Just had a chance to read your comments.

    Haven’t been to the Coney Island location in years, so I have no idea as to how the ff are doing..

    No question about it, the “outlet” locations that Ive been to aren’t in the same ff league as the original joint was.

    Anyway, since I was always a lousy student, an A- minus in my book is still a pretty good grade.

    Thanks for reading…

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