Mr. Chen’s Hunan Palace (Delray Beach)

Posted on January 20th, 2009 · Chinese Delray Beach



Mr. Chen’s Hunan Palace, 5130 Linton Boulevard, Delray Beach, Florida 33484 (561) 498-4703.

Last week, I ate lunch at this neighborhood Chinese joint. Mr. Chen’s menu is packed with all of the familiar appetizers, soups, entrees…not to mention, all kinds of combo plates and lunch $6.95-$7.95 “specials.” No question about it, you get a ton of food for your lunch-money…soup, egg roll/or fried chicken wings, fried rice, entree.

Sorry to report…the food isn’t very good. This joint flunked my basic “taste-test”…I did my best to grade Mr. Chen’s on a “curve” and it still couldn’t come-up with a passing grade. Just so you know, I tried the won-ton soup, egg rolls, fried rice, sweet & sour chicken, fried chicken wings, spare ribs, pepper steak, chicken with cashews.

Rather than bore you with the gory details…let’s just say that the won-ton soup had absolutely no taste…for all I know, it could have been hot-tap water. Everything and I do mean everything I tried, literally had no flavor. Whoever was in the back preparing this crap, had absolutely no idea as to how sauces-or seasoning work.

This joint is open 7-days a week for lunch and dinner. Don’t even think about it.

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  1. Bill from Delray Beach says...

    Hi Jeff –
    As this joint is literally a block from the gates of my condo I’ve been there… once! I have to agree with you about the food there – very ordinary and second rate I thought it was me as many of the “seniors” living around me actually enjoy the place, but I’ll spend the 20 minutes driving to Boynton Beach to enjoy the dumplings.
    Ever thought of doing a “joint crawl” with some of your “fans” one lunchtime? I’d certainly volunteer to come along… think about it.

  2. doc ed says...

    jeff–i am an doc who has his office in the shopping center as Mr. Chen’s. The center only has two restaurants Mr. Chen’s and Bagel Twins. Our center is mostly doc’s offices and medical service firms. I eat in Mr. Chen’s at least once a month. Convience is why. Nothing more or less. They get you in and out real fast. I have to agree with you, nothing too great here. Convience should be another one of your categories.

  3. anonymous says...

    Jeff- I eat chinese food in the area about 20 times a year. I tried Mr. Chen today and brought lunch home, $29 for four items.
    The food was either tasteless, burned, or otherwise disappointing. I will pass the word to pass the word to my friends…avoid Mr. Chen like he was Bernie Madoff selling great food.
    Never again!

  4. JoyceEatsBagels says...

    Average food at best.

  5. frank w says...

    This place was great 20 years ago but it has gone steadily downhill to the point where it is to be avoided.

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