Gun Club Cafe (Royal Palm Beach & West Palm Beach)

Posted on December 22nd, 2008 · American Breakfast Royal Palm Beach West Palm Beach

*****  Gun Club Cafe, 1145 Royal Palm Beach, Royal Palm Beach, Florida 33411 (561)792-8723.

Gun Club Cafe is a DINER. Just so you know, in addition to the Royal Palm Beach joint that I ate in, Gun Club has two other locations in West Palm Beach.

I have no idea why anyone would name a restaurant GUN ANYTHING, but I am assuming that the name came from the original restaurant’s location which is 4631 Gun Club Road, West Palm Beach.

Anyway…this joint is terrific. Imagine a Denny’s-type layout and you got the basic decor…and that’s where the similarities end. If Denny’s copied this joint’s business model, Denny’s would be a dynamite chain…but then again, if the Queen had —– she would be King. 

Gun Club Cafe is open Monday-Saturday 6am-8pm and Sunday 6am-3pm. This joint’s menu is loaded and I do mean loaded with breakfast-stuff, appetizers, salads, sandwiches, burgers, meat/seafood/chicken entrees. The food is “diner-excellent.” The service is right is real good and the prices are very-very reasonable.

Like I said before, DINER…eggs-waffles-pancakes, burgers and fries covered in ketchup, BLT sandwiches, tuna salad on rye toast…I am just drooling thinking of all of the great-stuff this joint pumps out.

Gun Club Cafe is my kind of place.

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