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Fatburger (Miami Beach & Clearwater)

Posted on December 18th, 2008 · American Clearwater Fast Food Miami Beach


*****  Fatburger, 947 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida 33139 (305) 534-9696.

Fatburger is a “national fast-food hamburger” chain. For right now, there are only 2 Florida locations…Miami Beach and Clearwater. I have eaten in both joints.

Fatburger’s decor is “steel-retro-diner.” Take a look at its website for menu/prices/details.

Now, I know it isn’t saying much…but Fatburger runs circles around McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Burger King.

Now…if it’s a choice between Five Guys Burgers ( and Fatburger, we go Five Guys all the way.

When/If… “In-N-Out Burger” ( and/or “Whataburger” ( get here.. its Five Guys…In-N-Out…Whataburger…Fatburger.

 Anyway…If you want a real-good fast-food burger, you can’t go wrong at Fatburger.

The Fatburger in Miami Beach is open Monday-Wednesday 10am-2am, Friday-Saturday 24 hours and Sunday 7am-2am.

2 Comments to “Fatburger (Miami Beach & Clearwater)”

  1. ARF boca raton says...

    you spotted 5 guys long before anyone else. isee you did a story on them back in 2006.
    5 guys burgers and fries are great.
    disagree with your rankings.
    5 guys,in n out, fatburger, whataburger. that’s my lineup.
    don’t for get that Char hut makes a great burger but they aren’t a national chain, just local.

  2. poppo says...

    jeff, i like fat burger better than 5 guys. also in and out is a great operation but the burgers stink. i was also at shake shack in miami, fries stink and the burgers are just okay.

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