Brass Monkey Tavern (Lake Worth)

Posted on December 17th, 2008 · American Lake Worth


*****  Brass Monkey Tavern, 7 Lake Worth Road, Lake Worth, Florida (561)  968-9559.

Got a real-nice sports bar for you…good food-service-prices. Brass Monkey’s decor is sports-bar (tv sets, bar area, wood booths and tables) but it could also be “Mexican” then again “Italian”…when you are eating in this joint, you’ll know what I am talking about. Let’s just say, I like this joint’s layout because it doesn’t look like your “run of the mill” sports bar.

Before we go any further…Brass Monkey is a neighborhood joint. The operative word here, being NEIGHBORHOOD. So…if you live in Miami, or Coral Springs, or Weston (you get the picture), I wouldn’t be gassing the car up for a trip. On the other hand…if Brass Monkey is a realtively close neighbor, you now know about a joint where you can get some decent… appeizers, soups, salads, wings, burgers, sandwiches and meat/seafood/entrees.

By the way, Brass Monkey is open Sunday-Thursday 11am-2am and Friday-Saturday 11am-3am. The joint has live music Thursday-Saturday and other “entertainment” scheduled.

6 Comments to “Brass Monkey Tavern (Lake Worth)”

  1. oilman says...

    Amazing burgers.

  2. Diner says...

    Just came back from the BRASS MONKEY & I usually do not like to jepordize anyones busines. but this place was the PITS. The salad was just ok but the darn butterflied chicken was not only a rip off at 14.95 for one small stuffed breast but heres the killer…. IT WAS FAKE PROCESSED CHICKEN. This is why I am taking the time to write this. 15.00 can buy a nice chicken dish in some fine restaurants but a bar/restaurant serving a small synthetic chicken breast for 15.00 & enough broccoli to barely fill a cavity??? The dumb thing about all this is a real piece of chicken breast that weighs in at about 6-8 oz. at best, is probably not much more than synthetic chicken. On a wholesale level, chicken is about 1.20 a lb at best. Sorry Brass Monkey… but this was a rip……… 🙁 The bartender/waitress was very friendly & efficient though,……… & quite beautiful. 🙂

  3. Todd says...

    As regular at this establishment Marty and his crew put out some of the best food in the area… His 32 ounce slab of Prime Rib is incredible…The seafood is top notch from the lobster to clams and the succulent Seared Tuna is phenomenal. Fake chicken never…you’ve got to be kidding me. I can only think the other comment must be coming from a competitor. For a neighborhood pub/restaurant I challenge you to find better eats service and waitresses for 20 miles form the Monkey. In fact the in the Biz folks from the surrounding bars are frequent guests at the Monkey. Go Marty the Lions love you…

  4. Erin says...

    As a regular at Marty’s prior restaurants, I would have to say that he is one of the best chef’s in the area. I am dying to try out this new place as I just found out that he owned this great establishment. As to the other person’s review, he would never serve anything fake or pre-packaged. Everything was made from scratch, like his mama taught him.

  5. The owner I have known from Coco Pazo in downtown Lake Worth had the finest restaurant in town next to Wicked Willies Nantucket Sea Grill. Marty is also a phenominal chef sold the former and opened The Brass Monkey. He brought his good taste to this fine establishment. The food is phenominal The staff a fun brash. My only complaint is Marty is a Yankee fanatic

  6. Harold says...

    One should never go to a bar for a restuarant meal. The order of the day is bar food.! We got the old excuse “that we just ran out of that item”.
    January 13 2013

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