Grand Lake Chinese Cuisine (West Palm Beach)

Posted on December 12th, 2008 · Chinese West Palm Beach


***** Grand Lake Chinese Cuisine, 7750 Okeechobee Boulevard, West Palm Beach, Florida 33411 (561) 681-1388.

I got a Chinese Restaurant that is absolutely terrific. That’s right TERRIFIC.

You have to try…Grand Lake Chinese Cuisine located in West Palm Beach. It’s not fancy, but it’s not as “dumpy” as most of the joints down here in South Florida. So much for decor.

Grand Lake has a very extensive menu…it’s got all of my “1950’s Brooklyn” favorites as well as dishes that I am too scared to try. Throw in something like 50 different dim sum…and you got an “extensive” menu.

Just so you know, there were six of us…wonton soup, roast duck noodle soup, egg rolls, pan fried pork dumplings, bbq spare ribs, roast pork fried rice, sweet and sour pork, general tso’s chicken, honey garlic chicken, shrimp with garlic sauce, t-bone steak, moo shu pork and peking pork chop. Everything was delicious.

Put Grand Lake on your “must try” list. The joint is open 7 days a week 11am-11pm and its dishes are “neighborhood” prices.

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  1. Bill from Delray Beach says...

    Thanks again Jeff – another winner!
    Although I live in Delray Beach, I have very close friends who live in the condo development which is situated immedidately behind the strip mall where this little gem is located, so I did the only thing I could… invited them to be my guests for dinner tonight.
    I wasn’t disappointed. The food was wonderful. We enjoyed 4 different dim sum, and then went on to try 4 different dishes off the early bird menu. The soups, which I consider a good measure of a Chinese restaurant, were very good – the hot and sour was spicy without destroying taste buds, and the broth for the wonton soup was dark and rich. The egg roll was a little smaller than I’m used to, but very light – almost like a spring roll, and very delicious.
    The entrees were also very tasty with only fresh ingredients, and very well presented. Also important – very good value – each dinner, from soup, through egg roll, entree and dessert was between $10 and $12. The entire dinner with the 4 dim sum dishes was under $70 – with the tip just over $20 per person.
    I know that my friends and we will become regulars here.
    Thanks again!

  2. ronald (wellington) says...

    this restaurant was just rated by the palm beach post as the best value for 2008 and the writer said it was also the best new restaurant. great and i do mean great food.

  3. is wpb says...

    Had dinner at Grand Lake tonight. The food is ok not great. The service is very slow. The prices aren’t all that cheap. Nothing special about Grand Lake.

  4. arthur k. says...

    How you and the Palm Beach Post could rave about this restaurant is an absolute mystery to me. I have eaten there three times and the food is good, but far from being awesome. It really is just as you say a good neighborhood joint. Now on the other hand the food at China Dumpling on Congress and Boynton Beach Blvd. is terrific.

  5. won ton soup good.
    bbq ribs fair.
    bbq sliced pork fair.
    lobster cantonese good.
    sweet and sour chicken good.
    pan fried dumplings good.
    roast pork fried rice good.
    beef with broccoli good.
    that’s my report.
    i’d go back, but it isn’t up there with the best that i have eaten.

  6. From the outside it looks just like any other neighborhood place. Same goes for the inside. Until you eat the food.
    Has to be in the top 5 that I have eaten in during the past 20 years in Florida.

  7. Bob S. says...

    Better than N.Y. Chinatown. Maybe not quite as good as Philly.

  8. Patty says...

    It was my birthday and I wanted to have Dim Sum. When looking at what was close we ended up to going to West Palm Beach to a place called Grand Lake Chinese Cuisine. We arrived at 12:30. They are a smaller restaurant so you are given a list to fill out like you sometimes do for Sushi. We made our choices that looked very promising. Each selection from sui mai to fun gor was either overcooked and rubbery or when you bit into something it spewed out the oil like it was drenched in it. I think I will wait to go back to Tampa for TC Choys for my next Dim Sum hankering. If anyone knows of a Dim Sum on the east coast of Florida, please post.

  9. Susan says...

    This is the first good Chinese restaurant I’ve found since moving here 3 years ago. The dim sum is as good and exotic as what I was accustomed to in NYC’s Manhattan and Brooklyn Chinatowns, and the soy sauce chicken and roast pork are fabulous and better than that offered in most Chinese restaurants, both here and in NYC. I have not ordered from the regular menu, but the offerings on it seem pedestrian and uninteresting. I am not surprised to read from some of these reviews that those dishes disappoint. However, if you want to dim sum, I highly recommend Grand Lake.

  10. Food B+
    Service A
    Prices B-

  11. kg says...

    really good food.
    i live in boca but was on okeechobee looking at new cars so had lunch at grand lake. bamboo wok in boca is better but this was still really good.

  12. mnm says...

    sorry, food just fair.

  13. Dennis W. says...

    tried it didn’t like it.
    food is just passable if that.

  14. Molly says...

    Service was slow. Servers were very rude! Waited about 15 minutes to even place an order, another 10 minutes to get our drinks, and that was after me following up. Server slammed the tea pot and cups on the table because he was mad! Geezuz, how can this place survive with a service like that? Soggy food, fish isn’t fresh! Filthy kitchen floor, filthy glass windows! Yuk!

  15. Jimmy says...

    Clean restaurant in a strip mall…..Food was definitely average …wait staff was very good….Might return again someday….would not drive that far again …

  16. Sancho says...

    Found a roach in my chicken fried rice…and they treated it as no big deal. Asked if I wanted another chicken fried rice.

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