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Posted on December 7th, 2008 · American Pompano Beach


*****  J. Mark’s Restaurant & Bar, 1490 Copans Road, Pompano Beach, Florida 33062, (954) 782-7000.

Last night I had dinner at J. Mark’s which is an “American-Style” joint located in Pompano Beach. Take a look at J. Mark’s website at for menu/prices/photos…so you will have some idea of what I am yapping about.

 J. Mark’s reminds me of Houston’s which has five South Florida locations (Palm Beach, Boca Raton, North Miami Beach, Coral Gables and Winter Park) in decor/menu…so, if you are a fan of Houston’s or know anything about it, you now have a point of reference to work with. By the way, J. Mark’s menu-prices are far more reasonable than those charged at Houston’s

Now let’s get down to brass tacks…I think that J. Mark’s is an absolutely terrific restaurant. J. Mark’s is a very handsome looking joint, doing the “stone-wood” look… bar area, dining room, out-door patio for dining. This joint is not a sports bar, but there are enough flat screen tvs to keep you updated on your favorite team.  On Saturday nights a small jazz band works the joint.

J. Mark’s menu is loaded with appetizers, salads, pastas, burgers, sandwiches, meat/seafood/chicken entrees and desserts. Now for the taste test…fabulous, no make that sensational mini-cheeseburgers, delicious baby back ribs-roast chicken-orange chicken and grilled tuna steak. The shoe-string french fries were okay, but nothing to write home about. As for service, Clint our waiter was terrific and didn’t miss a beat.

Just so we are straight…over the years, I must have eaten in Houston’s something like 10 times. I consider Houston’s and for that matter The Cheesecake Factory to be the “middle ground” between the “just borderline passable” T.G.I. Friday’s-Applebee’s-Duffy’s-Ale Houses and the “upscale-over priced-pretentious” steak/seafood joints like New York Prime- Morton’s- Ruth’s Cris-Abe & Louie’s.

The bottomline is this…J. Mark’s is a terrific restaurant. It looks upscale, but tee shirts/shorts are just fine…the food is very good, the service is excellent…and the prices are extremely reasonable…appetizers run $7.95-$10.95, salads $8.95-10.95, burgers-sandwiches $8.95-$9.95, entrees $10.95-25.95. By the way, those sensational mini-cheesburgers that I previously mentioned, run $9.95 for 4 with french fries…each burger is topped with cheddar cheese-ketchup-pickles-fried onion ring and they are not to be missed.

You now know about J. Mark’s. Give this joint a try…I really think that you will enjoy this restaurant. By the way, J. Mark’s is open Sunday-Thursday 11am-10pm and Friday-Saturday 11am-11pm.

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  1. b.a. boca raton says...

    jeffeats. My wife and I have been eating at J. Mark’s for the past 6 months. We find the resraurant to be very well run, comfortable and the food is always fresh and delicious. I agree with you 100 percent that J. Mark’s is very similar in looks and menu to Houston. My wife and I were big fans of Houston’s until J. Marks opened, now we pick J. Mark’s over Houston’s. I have enclosed Houston’s website J. Mark’s food is comprable. There is a bigger selection and just compare the prices. For example a hamburger at J. Mark’s is $9.95 and $14 at Houston’s. A 1/2 roast chicken $18 at Houston’s and $11.95 at J. Mark’s.
    I think that if your readers who eat at Houston’s try J. Mark’s they will agree that J. Mark’s is a better buy for basically the same thing.

  2. eg says...

    This is one of my favorite restaurants!!
    The food is wonderful.
    The prices are fair.
    The service is excellent.
    If you are looking for a very nice looking restaurant where you can casual dine then J. Mark’s is for you.

  3. JeffEats says...

    b.a. boca raton: Just had a chance to read your post. I agree with you 100% that J. Mark’s and Houston’s are “very similar” in decor/food and that J. Mark’s offers a far superior $ value.

    Thanks for reading…

  4. Based on your recommendation my wife and I tried J. Mark’s last night. Really enjoyed it. You are right it is very similar to Houston’s but a few buck cheaper. We will definitely be back.

  5. Sid Turner says...

    Love this place. Food is amazing.

  6. Dawn (Coconut Creek) says...

    Great ambiance and good food! Service is good and willing to please. The only things I would like to see better is…dessert and the salads. Also would like to see some more variety. Have been there so much would like some new items to try. Their rolls are the best!

  7. sg says...

    Dinner for 4 this evening.
    Food was very good. Mini hamburgers with ff were amazing.
    Very reasonable prices.
    Good service.

  8. as says...

    Your review convinced us to try J. Mark’s this evening. Outstanding food and service. Loved it. Will definitely be back. Thank you.

  9. as says...

    Tried J. mark’s on 2/8. Back again last night. Food is wonderful.

  10. bb ft laud says...

    Great find. Would never have found this one on my own.
    Excellent food.
    Very pleasant servers.
    Large menu and really good prices.
    Was there the other night and there was a 45 minute wait, obviously many others have found out about this restaurant and how good it is.

  11. My mother & father in law told me and my wife about J. Marks. being from LI we didn’t know about your site but that is where they got the restaurant from. Ate dinner last night and the food is tremendous and the prices extremely fair. Next time we are down in Boca Raton we will consult for picks. Thanks.

  12. Jeff–this has to be one of your best finds. the food is great as is the service. the prices are also much cheaper than houston’s and other similar type places. tucked away right off of federal highway it is not that easy to spot. thanks for the recommendation.

  13. Dr. S. says...

    Hey Jeff Eats!!!
    Since hearing about J. Mark’s I have eaten there 6 times. Each time the food was great as was the service. Each time I have had the mini burgers as appetizers and they are delicious. Last night ate at the Boca Cheesecake Factory. Had its mini-burgers which cost about the same as J. Mark’s and the chicken madera. The burgers tasted like microwaved crap. The chicken wasn’t too good either. In the past service has always been fine, this time I had to ask the waiter 3 times for bread and finally got another waiter to bring me a basket. Cheesecake is starting to falter.
    Thanks for places like J. Mark’s where they are owner operated and things are run right.

  14. Johnnie C. says...

    Food B+
    Service A
    Noisey as hell.

  15. based on your recommendation my wife and i gave j. mark’s a shot this past tuesday night. we thought that the food was good as was the service. the prices were very reasonable. no question this restaurant is very similar to houston’s but less expensive. very nice pick. we enjoyed j mark’s and will be back.

  16. GS says...

    J Mark’s is running a promtion where you get 25% off your entire bill. The deal runs through May 2009. There is a coupon in the Sun Sentinel on Friday’s.
    This is a great restaurant with delicious food. The prices are very fair and with the 25% you can’t get a better deal anywhere.

  17. Joe M says...

    VERY impressive restaurant. Food, Service, Entertainment were all excellant. I had the pleasure of meeting Steve, the owner. He is very personable and aims to please. We did and will continue to be regulars.
    P.S. Jeff nice site. will find it very helpfull when vacationing in Deerfield Beach

  18. Michael L. says...

    Heard about J. Mark’s from you and others. 25% off entire meal coupon in Sun Sentinel convinced me to eat there. Sorry I didn’t listen sooner. Reasonabale prices even before the 25% comes off, great selection, great food, wonderful service.
    Great pick.

  19. Frank T. says...

    Used a 25% off coupon at J. Marks. What a bargain. Terrific food and service and a discount to boot.
    This is one of your best recommendations.

  20. RON S. says...

    Like Frank T. I used a coupon tonite which gave my party of four 25 percent off our meal. Big savings as the whole bill with tip and everything was $57.
    Now onto the restaurant. The food was good but not great. Service was fair. The place is extremely noisey and you can barely hear yourself talk.
    It was okay, but they got to get some things going better and that noise forget about it!!

  21. nh says...

    Dinner for four with a 25% off coupon total with full tip, $54. You folks got to try this terrific restaurant. Check the Sun Sentinel for the coupon.

  22. ll says...

    second time.
    wonderful food.
    wonderful service.
    wonderful prices.
    noooooisey as all hell.

  23. jh says...

    just like houstons.
    good food.
    better prices than houstons.

  24. NELLIE says...

    They just opened a second store in Sunrise.
    Same great food and prices.

  25. mnmn says...

    really good burgers.
    great ribs.

  26. dr robinson says...

    a good alternative to houston’s and j alexander’s.

  27. E S says...

    Tried the new J Mark’s located on US 1 between Oakland Park and Sunrise Blvd last night. Jammed at 7:30pm. Great looking place. The food is as good as the original location. One item not to be missed is burger sliders. Some of the best I’ve ever had.

    • jason g says...

      loved the new location. terrific food and service.

  28. Tim Golly says...

    From: Tim Golly
    Subject: Suggestions to visit – seafood(FL Keys) and steaks(J.Mark’s)

    Message Body:
    I only discovered your site today and LOVE IT! I found you searching for Gabila’s Knishes (which are freely available at Costco locally). 🙂

    One favorite eatery in NE Pompano and NE Ft. Lauderdale is J. Marks at Copans and Federal in Pompano and Federal Hwy and NE 13th ST in Ft. Lauderdale. Moderately priced. Not 5-star, but good food. and Pompano location is very comfortable. We like sitting in the bar section which is like a mezzanine and is very comfortable. You’re away from families (may be PI, but young kids can be loud and detract fro pleasantness). I like the prime rib, 12 oz, about $18 after discount on sundays and mondays. Great selection of appetizers. I also like veggie pasta sans olive oil (my personal taste) and fish and chips. From something like 2-5PM, they have midday meals which are scaled-down portions of their dinner entrees and I think all are under $10. The smaller, 8 oz prime rib (I THINK) might be $15. It’s not ‘exceptional’, but is enjoyable, good value, and staff is very accommodating. Important thing is that my 88-yr old Mom likes it! Worth a look-see.

    Another one in Marathon (I know your reviews don’t cover Monroe County) is Keys Fisheries,
    which would be a pleasant outdoor diversion should you visit on vacation. Rustic, primitive great sunset view. Your meal was swimming only hours ago. Fun. Entrees are just under $20 and I consider them exceptional even if served on paper plates (smile). They also have a fish market. Even if not your cup of tea, you’d enjoy experience.

    Hope this is not intrusive. You sound like myself, open for new eating experiences. 🙂

    PS Do you have a list of bona-fide Kosher deli’s in S. FL (vs. Kosher types). They’re a dying breed. I read that the Bronx (my hometown has only five surving true kosher delis.

    This mail is sent via contact form on Jeff Eats

  29. john pastore says...

    j mark’s is terrific/ both locations have great food.

  30. kopley says...

    orange chicken and roast chicken delicious.
    really enjoy this restaurant.

  31. TheJudge says...

    Love both Pompano and Sunrise locations. Food is always delicious.

    • ER says...

      Got to agree with you. Food is solid at both locations.

  32. Leon Kurt says...

    Terrifc casual restaurant.
    Enjoy both sunrise and pompano stores.

  33. Sid L. Turner says...

    I really like the pompano loc.

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