Toa Toa Chinese Restaurant (Sunrise)

Posted on November 13th, 2008 · Chinese Sunrise


*****  Toa Toa Chinese Restaurant, 4145 NW 88th Avenue, Sunrise, Florida 33351 (954) 746-8833.

If dim sum is your game, I got a real good joint for you…Toa Toa  located in Sunrise, Florida. This is a real “hole-in-the-wall” but the food is outrageously good and cheap. For sure, Toa Toa has tons of the old Brooklyn “standards” but most folks who eat here are into dim sum…loads of dumplings and pot stickers to choose from and the bbq pork stuffed buns are worth the trip alone.

Nothing fancy here…but all of the Chinese folks eating there should be telling you something.

This joint is open every day 11am-10pm, except Wednesday when it is closed. This one, is worth a special trip.

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  1. Jim Murata says...

    After eating there twice in a month, the place serves very acceptable food….the dim sum is fresh but just a notch below the China Dumpling Rest in Btn Bch….service was great, unhurried meal and a nice selection…..stuffed tofu was one of the best I have had….custardy, flavorful, hot…. The sweet rice in leaves was just not quite done because of the rice and seasoning….I’m comparing it to Asia Garden in SFO now….I would go back…

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