Gou Lou Cheung Chinese BBQ Restaurant (Lauderhill)

Posted on November 11th, 2008 · Chinese Lauderhill


***** Gou Lou Cheung Chinese BBQ Restaurant, 4139 North State Road 7, Lauderhill, Florida 33319 (954) 739-7377.

If having 2 little tables qualifies a joint as being an eat-in- restaurant, then Gou Lou Cheung Chinese BBQ Restaurant is an eat-in- restaurant…For our purposes, let’s call this “hole in the wall” a take-out joint which makes some of the most delicious bbq stuff in South Florida…that’s Chinese bbq stuff!

Lou Cheung’s isn’t for the squirmish, as bbq chickens/ducks/pigs heads and all are on display! I’m also thinking that if you are kosher or a vegetarian-this joint ain’t gonna work for you, either!

Absolutely great bbq…sold by the pound. If you like crispy duck, chicken and amazing pork ribs, you don’t want to miss Gou Lou Cheung Chinese BBQ Restaurant.

Gou Lou’s is open 6 days a week (closed Wednesday) 11am-7pm…and like I said before-it’s a take-out! One other thing, cash-only!

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