Brass Ring Pub (North Palm Beach)

Posted on October 29th, 2008 · American North Palm Beach


*****  Brass Ring Pub, 200 U.S. Highway 1, North Palm Beach, Florida 33408 (561) 848-4748.

If you get yourself a copy of Webster’s Dictionary and look up the defintion of the word “joint”…I’ll bet you that a picture of the Brass Ring Pub is there. Guaranteed, that if you weren’t explicitedly looking for this joint, you would never-ever stop at this restaurant-pub in a million years.


Last night was my first time. I loved everything about this joint and unless you are an old “fuddy-duddy” you will to.

The Brass Ring Pub is open 7 days a week 11am-1:30am.

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  1. BOB T. says...

    This is the kind of a place that unless someone told you about it you would never walk into. The hamburgers are topshelf. I would rank them with anyone’s. You have to try this place for yourselves to see what the real story is. I have been eating there for years and the burgers never miss. There is also another Brass Ring but it isnt as good. But its close.

  2. danny e. says...

    jeffeats: I would match Brass’ hamburgers with Le Tub’s any day. As a matter of fact Brass may make one of the best burgers in Florida. My family has been eating those burgers for years and they are sensational.
    We kind of like keeping this type of find to ourselves. Every so often a stranger happens upon this real sleeper.

  3. marvin r. says...

    Hey jeff how in the world did you find this joint? I tried it based on your greenlighting it and you are correcto-mundo the hamburger is great. Thanks for the tip. Keep them coming.

  4. Jim says...

    I agree that the Brass Ring Pub is an great place to go for burgers, wings, and frosted mugs of beer. It is a “hole-in-the-wall” type of bar, with some of that tavern/saloon feel to it (very dark inside even in the middle of the day). I have been going to “The Ring” for years and have developed a level of expectation regarding the place. You understand that you are going there for the food/beer and not the service (which on the best of days is considered friendly). But last night I was terribly disappointed at how poor my service was. It started off well enough with a cold pitcher of beer and frosted mugs all around for my friends and I. But the service deteriorated quickly, which had all of us wondering if we had offended our server in some way. It was as if we had become a nuisance to her. Again, I’ve been going to this place for years and have seen the same wait staff time and time again. I understand some have good days and some have bad ones. But I think the attitudes of the staff there have become so “non-customer friendly” as to almost make me not want to return. While last night’s incident was worse than any other time I’d been to The Ring, it is indicative of where management’s focus is (beer and food). I will say that for such a small place, there are only maybe two or three servers handling all the tables. Perhaps the reason the service has always been semi-curt is that they are overloaded/overworked. If Brass Ring Pub management doesn’t mind customer service outside their food offering, they may find all those good burgers and frosty beers sitting there with no one to consume them.

  5. Mal W says...

    Great burgers and ff.
    Jeff you found a great place.
    My wife and I rate the burgers as being right up there with the best that we’ve ever had.

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