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The “Sun Sentinel” has a terrific deal going…selling various restaurants’ gift certificates for 50 cents on the dollar…$50 for a $100 certificate…$25 for a $50 certificate.

Various restaurants are listed…new restaurants are added on Fridays at 9am…there are a limited number of certificates for each restaurant…you pay on-line by credit card. This is strictly a FIRST COME-FIRST SERVED deal…so it pays to check the website often and buy certificates as soon as they are listed.

This is a terrific way to save 50% on your restaurant-check.

Check… for details.

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  1. mark says...

    I have been using for years and have saved a ton of money

  2. Audrey Paul says...

    I find this to be very misleading as shipping & handling are added & not revealed until the end–actually it is NOT 50% off as stated but 35%–this is false advertising & should be reported.Surprised SunSentinel would advertise this way.

  3. I’ve been trying since 9:00 to get a coupon for Bravo Ristorante and can’t seem to get through. Help Don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

  4. miriam feldman says...

    I am a customer at Campagnolo, and would love to have a discount diner……


  5. eileen says...

    I purchased a certificate for Emilio’s in Sunrise. When I went there for dinner, the certificate was refused. The company did give me a substitute for another restaurant. However, Emilio’s is still listed and I believe it should be removed from the list.

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