Tropical Acres Steakhouse (Fort Lauderdale)

Posted on September 6th, 2008 · American Fort Lauderdale Seafood


*****  Tropical Acres Steakhouse, 2500 Griffin Road, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33312 (954) 989-2500.

A few reviews ago, we discussed  the never-ending search to find “moderately” priced steakhouses (Manero’s 8/28/08 & Raindancer 8/29/08) that serve great food at reasonable prices and have waiters-waitresses who don’t treat you like crap…say hello to Tropical Acres which has been in business since 1949. Checkout this joint’s website at for menu/prices/details.

Tropical Acres has terrific food…steaks, seafood, not to mention a handful of Italian dishes. Great wait-staff…and prices that are something like 50% less than those charged by the Robber Barons…they and you know who they are. The joint is just fancy enough to warrant your throwing on a pair of long-pants, but I think that shorts won’t get you “shown” the door.

Like I said before, the joint has been around since 1949, so just maybe it has been doing something right. Tropical Acres is open 7 days a week from 4:30pm-10pm…please note that it is closed on Sundays, July-October.

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  1. jenna says...

    Grand old Florida at its best. Fifties decor and piano player there most of the time..great atmosphere. Steaks and most everything cooked so perfect. Service tops. Valet or parking a breeze. Just really a nice place for dinner or to celebrate special times or holidays.

  2. LR says...

    Ate in new version. Food was great.

  3. Tried the Tropical and it looks just liked it did before the fire.
    The food is good and priced very reasonably. Service is good.
    For the record this is far from a top notch steakhouse, but then again the food is priced at about 30 percent less.

  4. RONALD says...

    Recently read about Tropical Acres and its reopening.
    Ate there last night.
    This restaurant is huge and was packed.
    At our table 4 steaks were ordered. The steaks came with a grated potato side.
    The steaks were ordered 2 well done and 2 medium. All 4 were delivered blood red and had to be sent back.
    The potato side was very good but was cold.
    We also had a side of onion rings which were good but the side of sauteed onions at close to 5 bucks was tasteless, cold and a very small portion.
    Service is okay but sort of like the type you get at a breakfast place.
    Steaks run about 28 bucks so they arent expensive like you find at big steakhouses.
    Personally, I wont be back.
    I didnt enjoy the meal one bit and found it hectic and out of sorts.

  5. Lenny Coco says...

    Don’t bother.
    Food is mediocre.
    Service is IHOP casual.
    Spend a few dollars more and eat at Ruth Chris or Morton’s.

  6. RED says...

    Tropical acres is a second rate place.
    The crowd looked like they were from Dollywood. Never saw so much polyester in one room at the same time in my whole life. Most of the people look like the kind of folks that interviewers find have seen UFOs.
    The steaks that we had weren’t very good.
    Same for all of the sides.
    One of the owners knew of our having to send dish after dish back yet didn’t offer to buy the table a drink or dessert or anything.

  7. Steven Matrano says...

    For what it is Tropical is good. Just imagine Mel’s Diner as a huge steak place. Lots of passable food at reasonable prices.
    If you want top shelf steaks this isn’t the place for you.

  8. stayman says...

    I was very disappointed with Tropical Acres.
    The service is like someone else mentioned like a bagel store.
    As for the food it’s barely okay.
    No question the steaks and entrees are cheaper than the Morton’s etc, but the quality isnt even in the same breath.
    Tried it once last week, not for me.

    • TED says...

      I ate there years ago and it was pretty good.
      I was there for dinner last Saturday night and the food was mediocre and the service was horrendous and confused. It was very busy but that’s still no excuse for bad food that had to be sent back and waitresses or were just running around like chickens without heads.
      Definitely won’t be back.
      Try Gamaroff’s in Hallandale for reasobale steaks. Food is very good.

  9. Ron Gold says...

    Ate there over the weekend.
    Food is fair.
    Service is bagel store quality.
    Not worth wasting the time.

  10. LEE says...

    Ate there years ago.
    Was in there the other night.
    It looks the same but the food wasn’t very good.
    The service is friendly but they treat you like you are in a diner.

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