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Earl Of Sandwich (Wellington, Tampa & Lake Buena Vista)

*****  Earl Of Sandwich, 10300 West Forest Hills Boulevard (Wellington Green Mall), Wellington, Florida 33414 (561) 296-1762.

Earl Of Sandwich is a small fast-food chain that specializes in sandwiches (that makes sense), wraps and salads. There are currently 8 locations, 3 of which are located in Florida….Tampa, Wellington and Lake Buena Vista.

Take a look at this joint’s website at for menu/prices/hours/locations and other details.

Like I said before, right now Earl Of Sandwich only has 8 locations…The odds say, that you have never heard of this chain. I will tell you, that the Lake Buena Vista joint is located in the Downtown Disney Marketplace and another is located in  Las Vegas’ Planet Hollywood  Resort & Casino so “the word” is definitely going to spread about this chain.

As for the food…now keep in mind, that Earl’s is a fast-food…order/pickup at the counter joint…the food is heads and shoulders above the Subways and most of the sandwich/salads/wraps joints that dot the malls and strip centers of America. I have eaten at both the Wellington (2 times) and Lake Buena Vista (3 times) joints… the meatball, roast-beef and grill cheese sandwiches are as good, if not better than the ones that your favorite sub joint or diner makes. By the way, these 2 locations are not located in food-courts…they are separate restaurants with their own entrances and seating…I don’t know the setups of the other 6 locations.

As previously mentioned, the Lake Buena Vista joint is located at the Downtown Disney Marketplace. I think that if you look-up the term “goldmine” in your dictionary, you will find a picture of this particular Earl location. All 3 times that I was at this joint, there were lines out-the-door…Location, location, location combined with delicious food, fast counter service, great looking old-English decor and very reasonable prices is the name of the game there.

Earl’s location in the Wellington Green  Mall is open Monday-Saturday 10am-9pm and Sunday 11am-6pm.

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  1. robert weisberg says...

    I just got back from Vegas staying at planet hollywood. I have been to the earl many times. In vegas they are open until 2AM! Personally I think the sandwiches are very fresh and the price is right. In Vegas they charge the same as other locations so it a huge bargain in LV where a burger and fries/drink at BLT burger (mirage) can set you back a cool $17.00. I love the Cannonballs (meatballs) and the breakfast sandwiches are good. They also have some fresh baked little cakes and some salads. Supposedly the owner of the company John Montagu (11th earl of sandwich)-related to the original Earl of Sandwich who is credited for the term sandwich. The fresh baked bread means your sandwich has a little loaf of fresh baked goodness. I hope new locations are added but South Florida is so overloaded with quiznos, subway etc. A great find for sure! Jeff you really find every eatery!

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