Myron’s Delicatessen (Pompano Beach)

Posted on August 12th, 2008 · American Breakfast Delicatessen Pompano Beach


*****  Myron’s Delicatessen, 1800 SW 3rd Street, Pompano Beach, Florida 33069 (800) 843-4753.

Last night I played some poker at the Isle Casino & Racing at Pompano Park. After losing only 22 bucks (just in case my wife is reading this) I and a couple of friends had a “bite” at Myron’s Deli which is located in the casino-facility.

Myron’s is a New York City Kosher Style Deli…the joint is done-up to look like a deli circa 1950s. Just so you know, all of the restaurants at the Isle are owned/operated by the Isle of Capri Casino…take a look at its website at for a list of restaurants/hours/and other details.

Last night, Myron’s passed the pastrami, corned beef, brisket test. The sandwiches were nice sized. The meats were as good as those served in your favorite neighborhood bagel joint. As for prices, $3-$4 more than what the local joints get…Hey! come on, the casino is like a movie theatre or an amusement park,  you are what they call a “captive audience,” so you pay more, it’s just that simple. Have you seen what it costs to “feed” a family of 4 at a Heat or Marlins’ game?

You now know about a joint where you can get a nice deli sandwich, soup, knish…assuming Lady Luck hasn’t entirely wiped you out.

Myron’s is open Sunday-Thursday 11am-1am and Friday-Saturday 11am-3am.

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  1. Jerry Monse says...

    Jeff – have enjoyed your site much. I’m also a Brooklyn Boy and love to eat. Wanted to tell you about a great spot I found right here in Coral Springs.
    We must have driven past this place a zillion times. Liked it so much we decided to have our smallish wedding party there in their private room. {BTW, the owner, Ed, also a Brooklyn Boy.}
    I’d love to know what you think. They ahve a summer special – 2 appy’s, 2 entrees, 2 deserts and a bottle of wine for 75 bucks. We were stuffed and had left overs. You gotta try the “pear pasta” appy. Like nothing I’ve ever had. Enjoy!!!! Take it from the Brooklyn Jewish Boy, this place is good. Casually elegant – white table cloths, but, jeans and shorts OK>

  2. JeffEats says...

    Jerry Monse: Just had a chance to read your post. Thanks for the heads-up about Tavolino…It’s now on my to-visit list.

    Thanks for reading…

    Jeff Eats.

  3. BB says...

    Never figured a casino deli would be any good, but it is.

  4. Susan Kukla says...

    Received two free meals at Myron’s Deli as a gift from the Isle of Capri Casino this past week – YUMMY – and lots of food for take home to make another meal.
    Cheese cake was to die for.

  5. shelby says...

    very good deli. never figured a casino would have such a good place.

    • RFD says...

      Very good deli considering it’s in a casino.

      • eds says...

        have to agree.
        food is very good.

  6. TheGambler 3434 says...

    I’m in the casino at least once a week.
    Eat at Myron’s most of the days I’m there.
    Food is very good,
    Most of the time I use my casino credits to pay for lunch.

  7. paul suchow says...

    i am a regular customer of your deli. my nephew and i eat there together 4 times a month, and when i am not visiting, my nephew [ who lives in florida] eats there even more often, since he lives near the casino. we always enjoy the experience and love the food. that is obviously why we return so regularly. the last visit, however was extremely unsatisfactory and disappointing. first, it was about 8:30 pm, and all of the pickles for the table were soggy and ‘old’ looking, and tasted it. they were mushy and ‘bad’ on the inside. to make matters worse, my corned beef sandwich was horrible. they did not have anymore seedless rye bread, so the waitress talked me into a ‘delicious’ roll. the roll was not fresh, and the sandwich was very unappetizing looking- never mind the taste. the meat looked like ham- discolored, and again not fresh. we have eaten here on other days when it was this time of day, and did not run into this problem. i would much rather have been told by the waitress that things from the pickles to the bread to the meat was not fresh than to be served it and be so turned off to it all. my nephew ordered the flat iron steak- just par. the dr. browns was fine… this is certainly not what we run back to regularly, and absolutely would not ever run back if this was the quality, or lack of quality. i would like a response as to why this was such an unpleasant food experience, and how it can be rectified. even the potato knishes that we ordered along with the meals were not hot. i sure hope that our business is valued and respected. i look forward to a quick response.

  8. Joe P says...

    Our first time at Myron’s.
    My wife and I shared a corned beef or rye, pastrami on rye and an order of French fries.
    The bread was stale.
    The meats were bland tasting.
    The fries were good.

    All in all, not a good lunch outing.

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