Splitsville Bowling Billiards & Dinner Lounge (Tampa)

Posted on August 7th, 2008 · American Tampa


*****  Splitsville Bowling Billiards & Dinner Lounge, 615 Channelside Drive, Tampa, Florida 33602 (813) 514-2695.

If you do some checking, earlier today I did a writeup on Lucky Strike Lanes an upscale-bowling joint located in Miami Beach. In that review, I told you that Lucky Strike was a terrific 21st century bowling alley/sports bar combination. I also mentioned that Lucky Strike Lanes is a chain operation with something like 15 joints, one of which is located in Florida.

I just wanted you guys to know, that there is a single-joint-operator in Tampa, Florida who in my opinion has “outdone” Lucky Strike Lanes. The joint I am talking about is Splitsville. I have been to Splitsville exactly twice…10/1/05 and 7/29/06. I didn’t bowl, but ate dinner.  Splitsville’s website is Take a close look at the photos/menu/pricing/other details… I found Splitsville’s decor more creative… its menu “deeper”… its food” better” and its price-points “more” customer friendly.

Comparing Lucky Strike and Splitsville is like comparing a Six Flags amusement park to a Disneyland or Disney World or Universal Studios…Lucky Strike is terrific, Splitsville is incredible.

This bowling alley/sports bar concept is a great idea…I just thought you would enjoy comparing two “takes” on the same basic “concept.”

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  1. Guy Revelle says...

    Hey Jeff…Thanks for the review…We are very proud of what we have created. Splitsville will be five yrs old this coming Nov. We are expanding our concept with the second one coming to South Miami at the Shops of Sunset opening this October then to Texas. We believe we have reinvented Bowling for America, so email me back so I can get you to our Grand Opening parties and Thanks again….Guy

  2. Barry E. says...

    The second Splitsville opened in S. Miami. How was the “Grand Opening Party”? How is the place?

  3. JeffEats says...

    Barry E.: Just had a chance to read your post. Sorry I can’t tell you how the Grand Opening Party was as I didn’t get an invite. Haven’t been down to the S. Miami Location, so I can’t update you on that score either.

    Thanks for reading…

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