Uncle Joe’s Chinese Restaurant (Palm Beach Gardens)

Posted on August 1st, 2008 · Chinese Palm Beach Gardens


*****  Uncle Joe’s Chinese Restaurant, 4367 Northlake Boulevard, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33410 (561) 799-9883.

 If you live in the Palm Beach Gardens’ area, I got a real good Chinese joint for you…Uncle Joe’s Chinese Restaurant. No frills decor…No frills prices. Very good Chinese food…The joint passed my… wonton soup/egg roll/spare ribs/pan fried dumplings/roast pork fried rice/sweet and sour chicken/moo shu pork/shrimp in black bean sauce/pineapple chunks test with flying colors.

You can check menu/prices at

By the way, I drove a total of 69.4 miles (from my home to Uncle Joe’s) round-trip to eat at this joint. Call me a wild and crazy guy, but the food was worth the ride.

Uncle Joe’s is open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner.

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  1. Karin Katherine says...

    I agree, this is a good place…and they deliver!

  2. Ed T. says...

    Don’t get up to the PGA area much. Today my wife and I were at the mall and I checked your site in the Apple Store. Liked your review on Uncle Joe’s so we had dinner there. Great pick. Good won ton and egg drop soups, great ribs, delicious shrimp w/mixed vegetables and sweet and sour chicken. One draw back, no special plates on Sunday so everything was ala carte. The waiter told me that mon-sat they have specials until 6pm.
    We highly recommend this restaurant and the saff is super nice.

  3. StarvinMarvin says...

    Ok, so what happens when people get away from real top-notch stuff in, say, NYC? Do they long so much for something that’s close? Not sayin its no good (had take-out from there last night), but I can’t say its great either. Its just good. Asked for Kung Pao chicken “extra spicy” and there was hardly any heat to it at all. In addition, it was ‘soupy’ and didn’t have the great flavor you’d expect from a decent neighborhood joint in NY. Been there many times, so that’s not a ‘one and done’ review. Mr Zhang’s, their upscale sister restaurant nearby, is a little better – especially when you eat at the place. Price? Lettuce wraps, pork fried rice, grand marnier shrimp and Kung Pao ran me $50 – a bit steep for this cuisine. Still waiting for the level of energy and attention that makes a good place great.

  4. Deb says...

    Ordered to go, put the box down in my car, and roaches ran out of the box everywhere. I went in and told them, that laugh and said, oh, we get those boxes from around, and we can give you 20% off your meal. I just left in unbelief, and just threw the food away. I have reported them to the health dept.

  5. Tony Valentino says...

    Like the food.
    Not very good but good.

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