Bru’s Room Sports Grill (Margate, Delray Beach, Deerfield Beach, Sunrise, Pompano Beach, Boynton Beach & Coconut Creek)


*****  Bru’s Room Sports Grill, 5466 W. Sample Road, Margate, Florida 33073 (954) 968-3663.

Bru’s Room Sports Grill is a South Florida sports/bar chain…there are currently 7 locations. Bru’s is owned by former linebacker Bob Brudznski (thus the name Bru’s, if you were  wondering) who played for the Miami Dolphin’s from 1981-1989.

Everyone and their mother knows that sports/bars literally dot the South Florida landscape…we got Duffy’s…we got Ale Houses…we got more sports/bars than you can shake a stick at. Bru’s is a sports/bar…food, booze, tvs galore, small game rooms, djs and live music.

Over the years, I must have eaten in the Margate joint at least 15 times. My most recent Bru’s outing was just last week at the Deerfield location. Am I going to tell you that Bru’s food is fantastic?…of course not, after-all this is a sports/bar. I will tell you that Bru’s menu which is loaded with appetizers, burgers, sandwiches, salads and tons of entrees is very reasonably priced and the food is decent. By the way, Bru’s prides itself on its chicken-wings and they happen to be very-very good. You can checkout Bru’s website at for menu/prices/locations/details.

Joints like Bru’s serve a very valuable purpose…decent food at very reasonable prices… relaxed and casual atmosphere. By the way, I have never been in a Bru’s (dinner time and late at night) when the joint hasn’t been packed. Bob Brudznski ain’t no Dan Marino so “fame” alone isn’t the reason that he currently has 7 of these joints and more on the drawing-board.

Bru’s is open 7 days a week from 11am-2am.

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  1. rob in coco creek says...

    Brus does it right. I have eaten at the margate location and taken wings out from there many times in the past. The coconut creek new locaton is literally packed. A guy in a golf cart drives me back to the car in the second parking lot near the warehouses.On a football sunday that place is even busier. Near my office in Tamarac is another Brus. They do a very good job overall. Some items better than others but they aim to please. Brus is doing better than most of the big chain places. Most of the “celeb” name places stink,however brus had a great approach in how they exanded and they started small. I think their wings are right up there with wings plus as the best in south fla.

  2. Richard S says...

    Love their wings.

  3. Eviljeffeats says...

    Crap post Jeff Eats…

    The blue cheese at Brus Room is outstanding. The Triplethreat grilled chicken wings are world class.

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