Dave And Buster’s (Hollywood, Miami & Jacksonville)

Posted on July 27th, 2008 · American Hollywood Jacksonville Miami

*****  Dave And Buster’s, 3000 Oakwood Boulevard, Hollywood, Florida 33020 (954) 923-5505.

Dave And Buster’s is a national chain of American-casual dining restaurants that feature enormous bar areas and humongous indoor video/skill game arcades…and I do mean humongous.

“Let’s cut to the chase”…the food is TGI Friday’s quality…the game arcade (maybe 20,000 sq ft.) awesome…great place for kids…great place for teenagers…great place for almost drunk adults…great place for the hard of hearing…the noise in the play area is borderline deafening.  Check Dave And Buster’s website at for menu/hours/details.

For right now, Dave And Buster’s has something like 40 locations. There are currently 3 in Florida…Hollywood, Miami and Jacksonville. I have been to the Miami joint once and the Hollywood location something like 15 times. Just so you know, these aren’t sleazy joints…they are gorgeous, clean, well kept and very well supervised…think a Las Vegas Casino and you got the picture.

I am not hard of hearing…I don’t really drink…so you figure out whay old Jeff Eats was at the Florida joints so much.

Dave And Buster’s is open 7 days a week for lunch-dinner- late at night. By the way, Dave And Buster’s always has some “special” for food/games which makes this a very value oriented joint.. If you go, make sure that you ask what deals are available.

By the way, the last time I played at Dave And Buster’s I won something like 5,000,000 tickets and took home some really nice prizes…3 “Chinese finger puzzles”…you know, those 5 inch woven straw cylinders which you stick one finger from one hand in (at one end) and another finger from the other hand in (at the other end)…and then after all that work, you try and pull both fingers out…go figure.

Dave And Buster’s is a great place for kids and teenagers…and “you” folks” who accompany those teenagers and kids, will probably enjoy the joint, just bring a few pieces of cotton for your ears and some Bayer Asprin… what we won’t do for our children.

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  1. Ronnie White says...

    Took the kids to D&B right off I95 in Hallandale last Sunday afternoon. Great food and games. 8-7-5 they loved it and so did this 41 year old.

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