Pa’ DeGennaro’s (Lauderdale-by-the-Sea)

Posted on July 25th, 2008 · Italian Lauderdale-by-the-Sea

***** Pa’ DeGennaro’s, 4331 North Ocean Drive (A-1-A), Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, Florida 33308 (954) 351-0310.

First things first…let me get you to Pa’ DeGennaro’s website at  for menu/pricing/ details.

Pa’ DeGennaro’s is an upscale-white-tablecoth Italian Restaurant. It is located in a non-descript strip shopping center on A-!-A. Leave the tee shirt/shorts ensemble at home, but jeans are just fine.

I have been eating at Pa’ DeGennaro’s for something like 10 years. This joint is one of the top Italian joints down here. Take a few minutes and look at Pa’ DeGennaro’s menu…as you can see, it isn’t a gigantic list, but it has enough variety to please everyone. I am telling you, that the food is incredible…this joint (just to name a few) makes an outrageous meatball appetizer… an  absolutely incredible veal chop milanese… and a pistachio pound-cake that has to rank as one of the great desserts of all time. As for pricing, Pa’ DeGennaro’s isn’t a bargain-basement joint…but it won’t send you to the poor-house either. In the service department, the wait-staff doesn’t take itself too seriously, but knows it business and menu inside and out.

Pa’ DeGennaro’s is open 7 days a week for dinner. This joint has a very loyal clientele, so be smart and make a reservation.

10 Comments to “Pa’ DeGennaro’s (Lauderdale-by-the-Sea)”

  1. Barry H. says...

    Jeffeats. very good food. prices pretty reasonable. very nice looking place. good recommendation.

  2. Johnnie C. says...

    Food B+
    Service B-

  3. jg says...

    First time at Pa’s tonight. Excellent food and decent enough prices. Service was fair. Loved the pistachio cake.

  4. jm says...

    ate there on sat. night.
    food wasnt great.
    had veal parmigiana and it was an extremely small portion.
    my wife had duck, no good.

  5. Mike B. says...

    Food A-
    Service B

  6. mark p. says...

    haven’t been there for a year or so, but use to be one of the best going.

  7. Silvio says...

    Great food.
    They have a pistachio pound cake that is sensational. That dessert is worth the trip alone.

  8. ELBE says...

    Pa was closed recently for renovations. It reopened after about 5 months. This is not the original owner. Yes they have that delicious pistachio pound cake. I was there the other night and had a veal chop parmigiana. It was tasteless. In addition it was over salted. Not very good. I also had a side of penne with marinara. It was also flavorless.
    This use to be a terrific restaurant. It isn’t now. Unless it’s great pound cake that you want don’t waste your time.

    • Dr. George says...

      I agree, it use to be much better. Looks the same but the food isn’t as good as it use to be years ago.
      I also agree that the pistachio pound cake is still delicious.

  9. poppy says...

    not worth the effort. as others have saidm it use to be really good, but it’s now living on its past reputation.

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