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New York Italian Ice King (Hollywood)

Posted on July 22nd, 2008 · American Desserts Fast Food Hollywood


*****  New York Italian Ice King, 707 North Broadwalk #4, Hollywood, Florida 30019 (954) 921-2292.

New York Italian Ice King is located “on the beach” in Hollywood. I suggest that you immediately go to New York Italian Ice King’s website… Now after looking at that site, you know that I am not crazy when I say, “that this joint which opened in November 2007 is one of the greatest places in South Florida”…that is, if you love cream/water ices (the joint has 100+ favors), ice cream, milkshakes, penny candy, fudge, jelly apples, salt-water taffy, soft pretzels, carmel corn, egg creams… and 1950’s decor/rock n roll music.

All I can tell you…YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS JOINT…

New York Italian Ice King is open 7 days a week.

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  1. Rich Palmeri says...

    Hello Jeff,

    This is Rich Palmeri, Owner of NY Italian Ice King. What can I say except, WOW! WOW! WOW! and Thank You very much for your Great Review of our new store… You really can’t get much better than this! Again, Thank You…

    People go absolutely bonkers, They can’t believe someone is selling this here. Yesterday, a woman came in, she took care of her kids, she took care of her husband, she got something for herself and then she bought a quart of lemon water ice for her mother, she was so thrilled. It happens every day. ”Sometimes business isn’t so great, but if we pick up three or four new customers every day. “To me that’s a great day, I guarantee once someone comes to the NY Italian Ice King they will keep coming back.” Its the most refreshing thing they ever tasted and its not expensive either. This is the perfect item for this time of year and all year around in Florida, because its one of the most refreshing treats there is.

    “Its a fun, happy place and everybody loves it, I’m in a business dealing with people, where warmth and comfort make them come back again and again. Its as if they’re in my house”.

    The uniqueness of our Italian Ice and 50’s Sweet Shop and our passion for the business make your trip to our Hollywood Beach location the most enjoyable frozen dessert experience ever! Along with a 1950’s Theme and our Gourmet Sweet Shop You even get a Great Ocean View on The Broadwalk at Hollywood Beach.

    We also feature a full line of 50’s Retro Candy that YOU ate as a kid!

    Also Included: All The Doo-Wop’s You Can Handle!

    Thank You for Your Support, Without You We are Nothing!

    Rich Palmeri & The Crew

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