Black Canyon Grill (Royal Palm Beach)

Posted on July 20th, 2008 · American Mexican Royal Palm Beach

*****  Black Canyon Grill, 12041 Southern Boulevard, Royal Palm Beach, Florida 33470 (561) 296-1147.

You are now going to become a member of a very exclusive club…I am going to tell you about a new joint, Black Canyon Grill which opened about 1 week ago in Royal Palm Beach…so, you and only a handful of others for right now, know about a terrific new (let’s call it) a “Mexican/Southwestern-American-BBQ-Steakhouse” joint.

Readers of Jeffeats know that one of my favorite bbq joints in all of South Florida was Bucky’s BBQ which had a location in Boca Raton and another in Fort Lauderdale…rather than rehashing old-history,  Bucky’s is no-more. I have to tell you, that Bucky’s made some of the best baby-back ribs, beef ribs and bbq chicken that I have ever tasted…not to mention great french fries and baked macaroni & cheese.

Anyway…yesterday I found out that one of Bucky’s owners, Andy Fox had opened a joint named Black Canyon Grill…based on my Bucky’s “experience” I drove 24 miles to Royal Palm Beach and had dinner at Black Canyon Grill.

Black Canyon’s decor is “easy Mexican”…just enough wall and table decorations to tell you that this is a Mexican-Southwestern joint…put away the wall/table treatments and a few spices/ingredients and the joint looks/tastes like a BBQ joint or an “almost-upscale” steakhouse. There is a small full-bar area, booth/table seating and an open kitchen.

Now for the important stuff…the food is sensational. In addition to a ton of new dishes, Andy has all of  Bucky’s signature dishes…last night I had an order of bbq beef ribs with sides of french fries and macaroni & cheese…I was like a pig in seventh heaven. I also “sampled” pan fried snapper, honey glazed snapper and chimichurri steak salad…all terrific.

Black Canyon’s menu is loaded with appetizers, salads, flatbreads, entrees,sides and desserts. Just so you, those bbq beef ribs (which could feed 2 people) comes with 2 sides and goes for $23… appetizers run between $7-$13, salads $7-$15, flatbreads $10, entrees $14-25.

Like I said before, Black Canyon has only been open for something like 1 week…I was absolutely amazed at how efficient the “new” kitchen and wait-staff were, until I learned that most of the kitchen-staff were formerly with Bucky’s…and that almost the entire wait-staff  had come en mass to Black Canyon from the Original Steakhouse which closed about 2 weeks ago in Boca Raton…based on the food and service, you would swear that this joint has been up and running for years, not literally days.

Call Black Canyon Grill whatever you want…Mexican/Southwestern- American-BBQ-Steakhouse…it all fits and its all terrific. This joint is open for dinner 7 days a week for dinner…it also has a brunch on Sunday from 8am-2pm.

For the bbq beefs alone…you got to try Bucky’s…I mean… Black Canyon Grill. Too bad this joint isn’t closer to my home. By the way, although it is an attractive upscale looking joint, tee shirt/shorts fit right in.

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  1. Jim DiBattista says...

    Hey Jeff,
    Jimmy the musician from Nicole’s here. We spoke right before your place opened up but I lost the card you gave me with your cell number. I heard good things about the Grill but I was told one thing was missing-me. Honest to God that’s what this couple said last night. My number is 357-0969 and I’ll try and call you early next week if I don’t hear from you.

  2. Steve Serrano says...

    Ate there this weekend and must say it was the absolute 100% pits; Shrimp appetizer was pulled right from the freezer (Mrs. Pauls perhaps?)and , Ribs couldn’t have been fattier and tasteless, Steak was complete grissel not even up to canine standards and a hamburger that tasted like sausage. On a scale of 1-10 I give it a 0.5, only for the sodas. Wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone and I’d be surprised if it lasted more than a few days, or perhaps a week at the most. I would rather have spent the money on two week’s worth of Taco Bell!

  3. JeffEats says...

    Steve Serrano: Just had a chance to read your post…Sounds like you won’t be going back to this joint real soon…My meal was just the opposite of yours. One of these days I’ll get back to Black Canyon and “taste” where things now stand.

    Thanks for reading…

  4. Andy says...

    Wow!!! Steve really didnt like Black Canyon to bad he was never there. I have been there many times and they dont have a burger on the menu and never have. So that burger that tasted like sausage you must have had somewhere else. I would love to hear a review from somebody that actually has been to Black Canyon Grill instead of somebody making up there own bad review. I think this is the best restaurant to come to the area since I moved here 20 years ago and will continue to support this great place for food and drinks, not to mention the great service.

  5. Marion Frank says...

    Well Andy, I’ve been to Black Canyon Grill over a dozen times now, and I would have to say that the food sucks big fat polish sausage. Don’t get me wrong I do love big fat polish sausage, but for anybody who doesn’t..this is not the place. I advise anyone whom ever comes across this page NOT to eat at the Black Canyon Grill. Picture big fat polish sausage, now picture yourself paying $20 just to eat it..and that’s the Black Canyon Grill. I am Marion Frank and I love polish sausage. OBAMA 08!!

  6. Andy says...

    I always go back to restaurants a dozen times that I think are terrible. Why do you keep coming back spending $20 for something that you hate. You probably work at a local restaurant that is not doing well or were fired from here because you did not do your job. Its to bad that everyone else on Jeffs site is informative and truthful when writing their reviews and have to read this review with a personal agenda with no substance.

  7. Ron P. says...

    I found Bucky’s by reading your site. It was one my favorites both in Boca and Ft Laud. Too bad it closed. The beef ribs were fantastic. Just wanted to let you know that the last weekend I gave Black Canyon a shot. No question about it the bbq beef ribs are just like the ones that Bucky’s had. The only problem that I have is that Black Canyon is way to far to travel to when you live in Lighthouse Point. People who live in Black Canyon’s area should try it because the food is very good.

  8. Mark says...

    well sad to say they are now closed

  9. jh says...

    bucky’s boca store was taken over by pa ribs. try the new restaurant.

  10. Mark says...

    I loved Black Canyon Grill. In fact I am stilling in the old restaurant, now called The Diner. Did Andy Fox open another restaurant? If so where I’d love to go!

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