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Char-Hut (Davie, Sunrise, Tamarac & Pembroke Pines)

Posted on July 17th, 2008 · American Davie Fast Food Pembroke Pines Sunrise Tamarac


*****  Char- Hut, 2601 North University Drive, Sunrise, Florida 33322 (954) 749-0671.

Char-Hut is a  South Florida fast-food “burger” chain…that currently has 4 locations, Davie, Sunrise, Tamarac and Pembroke Pines. The food is absolutely incredible…burgers, hot dogs, pork, chicken, sausage, tuna, french fries, onion rings…the chain has a cult-like following…Over the years, I have eaten in every one of Char-Hut’s joints and not one of them is within 20 miles of my home.  Check Char Hut’s website for menu/pricing/details. Just so you know, Char Hut has all kinds of “meal combination specials” and its prices are no more expensive than the big fast food chains.

Char-Hut does lunch and dinner 7 days a week. Guranteed, after you eat at Char-Hut, you will be a member of the CULT.

8 Comments to “Char-Hut (Davie, Sunrise, Tamarac & Pembroke Pines)”

  1. robert in coco creek says...

    I have eaten at char hut for many years. Basically its a family owned operation. The beef is super fresh because it is not frozen patties. It is a little higher than most fast food burger joints, but it is a great product. I go to the tamarac location near my office. They have a home made opion ring that is really great if you like rings. Nothing like what you see elsewhere. Every order made to order. I also like 5 guys burgers as well which also has a location in tamarac.

  2. JeffEats says...

    robert in coco creek: Just had a chance to read your post. No question about it, Char-Hut is a terrific place as is Five Guys.

    Thanks for reading…

  3. The two best places for burger fries and cokes are 5 Guys and Char Hut. It’s a tough call, but 5 Guys is slowly but surely winning me over. Try both.

  4. Johnnie C. says...

    Food A

  5. jg says...

    best burgers
    best onion rings.

  6. st says...

    gave this place a try over the weekend. i was in tamarac. burgers are very good. not as good as 5 guys. all in all i would go back.

  7. Tad says...

    Was at Char Hut in Tamarac on University this pm.
    The crew that works there is super friendly and competent.
    Had a cheeseburger and ff and both were delicious.
    One other thing. A neighbor told me that he heard that Char Hut is now franchising. If that’s correct we should see more stores opening real soon.

  8. Kingman says...

    One in Tamarac use to be a whole lot better.

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