Tony Dell’s Italian Restaurant (Boca Raton)

Posted on July 8th, 2008 · Boca Raton Italian Pizza


*****  Tony Dell’s Italian Restaurant, 9846 Sandalfoot Boulevard, Boca Raton, Florida 33428 (561) 482-0555.

Tony Dell’s is the consumate “hole in the wall…mom and pop” Southern Red Sauce Italian joint. Tony Dell’s is located in a miniscule strip shopping center…so I would suggest that (1) you call for directions and (2) make a reservation because the joint maybe has 7-8 tables.

Tony Dell’s has been  in business for something like 30-35 years maybe even longer…its current owner Robert, started as a dishwasher when the joint first opened. Now…don’t get nervous, Robert must have learned his lessons well, because the food he makes is absolutely delicious…he has been the owner for about 20 years.

Tony Dell’s has all of your favorite pastas and meat-chicken-fish entrees…it also makes some very good thin-crusted pizza.

This is a real easy going joint, so tee shirts/shorts are just fine. This restaurant is so-small, that there is usually only one waitress handling orders…and “Tony” (really Robert) cooks the food right in front of you…because his kitchen is part of the dining room…look I told you, that this was a small joint.

Over the years, I must have eaten dinner in Tony Dell’s at least 10-15 times. The food is delicious and is priced like a neighborhood pizza joint.

Tony Dell’s does dinner only…call for days/times of operation…and reservations.

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  1. Chris says...

    Been eating there this the 70’s. Doesn’t get any better!

  2. Mike B. says...

    Food B+
    Service A-

  3. Wayne says...

    The food is pretty good here, but the restaurant’s policy are awful. They do not accept credit cards, not even checks. Honestly, what restaurant these days doesn’t accept checks, credit cards or even debit cards?

    Also, they are only open five days a week, usually from 5-9PM. So why would I go here when I could go to Dominics or Ninos, both open seven days a week, all day?

    In short, we stopped going because between the cash only policy, the insanely limited hours and the terrible location the restaurant is in made it became undesireable.

  4. frank w says...

    Went last night with friends. Food and service were both excellent. Didn’t mind the cash only policy since it is so inexpensive. Location not bad. ust off 441 . Road is just north of Sandelwood.. Will be back.

  5. TURNER says...

    A hidden jem.
    Been eating there for years.

  6. Wayne F says...

    I have been going there for over 35 years, the place is small, but you can not get food any better anywhere!!!! Today im posting this with sorrow, today is the last day that Robert will be owner, he has sold Tony Dells. I know alot ofpeople will damn sure miss Dee, and Robert as well……the family wishs nothing but the best for you Dee!!!!!!!! Love you darlin!!!!!!!

    • Robert H says...

      Thanks for all the positive feedback! But,to clarify,I have not sold Tony Dell’s just yet.The restaurant was in contract to be sold but,as often happens,the deal fell apart at the last minute.So,I’ll be there along with De for who knows how lomg to come.Please give us a try-I believe you’ll be pleased.

  7. Ruth Mullenix says...

    I have eaten at Tony Dells for many years now and have never been disappointed. De knows without asking what we are going to order.

    Rob and De will be greatly missed. I have tried many Italian restaurants and none can compare to Tony Dells!!

  8. Jw21 says...

    The joint has a new owner.

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