The Cove Restaurant & Marina (Deerfield Beach)

Posted on July 8th, 2008 · American Deerfield Beach

*****  The Cove Restaurant & Marina, 1754 SE 3rd Court, Deerfield Beach, Florida (954) 421-9272.

Let’s make this review real simple…take a look at The Cove’s website at its menu/pricing and all of the photos of the joint. Go ahead, I’ll wait…

Now you tell me one person who wouldn’t enjoy eating in a gorgeous joint like this in a tee shirt/shorts ensemble …personally I can’t name one.

The Cove is located right on the Intracoastal…It has a menu loaded with appetizers, soups, salads, sandwiches, burgers and entrees…trust me on this, everyone will find something to eat at this joint. The food is good…not gourmet stuff, but far superior to the stuff that your local “ale-house” serves. The prices are just fine, maybe a buck or two more than that local-ale-house of yours.

The Cove is open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner. Just so you know, on the weekends it is usually packed with people eating inside the restaurant and its marina is loaded with other folks eating on their boats.

Like I said before, check The Cove’s website…the photos (didn’t someone once say, “that one photo was worth a 1,000 words” or something like that?) will tell you what this joint is all about.

I love taking out of town friends to The Cove for lunch…its joints like this, that make living in South Florida special.

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  1. JenD says...

    I agree that the location is amazing…nothing better than dining on the intracoastal and you can’t beat the happy hour. However, the food is mediocre and the menus are old and worn. Gives you the feeling the place is stuck in a rut. Stick to the planters punch!

    PS- LOVE your site!

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