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U.S.A. Pizza (Pompano Beach)

Posted on July 4th, 2008 · Fast Food Italian Pizza Pompano Beach


*****  U.S.A. Pizza, Festival Flea Market Mall, 2900 West Sample Road, Pompano Beach, Florida 33073 (954) 979-4555.

If you want a terrific slice of New York Style Pizza…then you have to try U.S.A. Pizza which is located in the Festival Flea Market Mall’s food-court.

This joint makes one of the best slices that I have eaten down here in South Florida. Yeah yeah…I know that U.S.A. is located in a food-court, but that’s where the joint just happens to be.

The slice folds real nice…and when you point it down, drops of brown colored oil drip right out. Nice sweet sauce, thin crust…I am telling you that the pizza is delicious.

The Festival Flea Market Mall is opened Monday-Friday 9:30am-5pm and Saturday-Sunday 9:30am-6pm.

By the way, one bay to the right of U.S.A. Pizza is a knish “guy” who makes some of the most delicious knishes that you have ever eaten. For the moment, the name of this joint slips my mind, but you can’t miss it…the display case is filled with all different kinds of knishes…the kasha knish and the potato knish are my favorites and are as good as anything that the 5 boroughs ever served.

9 Comments to “U.S.A. Pizza (Pompano Beach)”

  1. JeffEats says...


    Just had a chance to read your post on U.S.A. Pizza. When you have a chance, give Carolina’s in Delray Beach a try. I think this joint makes one of the best coal fired pizzas anywhere. The other day, I had a pie consisting of marinara sauce, ricotta and mozzeralla cheese…it was absolutely delicious. I also had a fried zucchini appetizer, also delicious.

    Thanks for reading jeffeats…by the way, if you find any joints that I should know about, please let me know.

  2. robert says...

    Ok…I saw the comments by Jeff, and figured I would give this place a try. I have seen this place and probably figured it was standard stuff. I have eaten pizza around the world and many have a sign that reads NY Pizza.

    You can probably go to the moon someday and there will be a sign for NY pizza. I tried a few slices today. Since they had to reheat the slices I will probably buy a pie next time to get a fresh hot one. The pizza was good. These are big slices for $2.75 and he also has some veggie slices etc. It had a NY crust, not a ton of sauce or cheese.

    The Knish place next door always has a big line and has great stuff. The name of that place is Pita Nosh. These are the old fashioned knishes and they have a few kinds, potato,potato mushroom, sweet potato, kasha. I hate the taste of kasha but the oldtimers love the stuff.

  3. rg says...

    2 of the best slices with a coke that ive had down here in 25 years. the slices are enormous and the whole deal is 6.30.

    • RK says...

      I had the 2 slices and soda deal today. Like you it cost me about $6.30. The slices were gigantic. But they were LOUSY. Terrible pizza.

  4. FAR says...

    Was there Sunday. Huge slices. They were undercooked and the sauce had no flavor whatsoever. Last year when I got their pizza it was excellent, someone or something has changed.

    • larry stevens says...

      was there on saturday. pizza was lousy

  5. olli says...

    pizza on sat was really delicious.
    5.99 gets you two huge slices and a soda.
    i get pizza there quite often. sometimes the slices are great and other times not so great. this past saturday delicious.

  6. ZED says...

    New owners.
    New name All Star Pizza.
    Delicious pizza.
    Can’t beat their 5.99 sub with small fountain drink.
    Chicken parm. Meatball parm. Sausage subs all good .

    • Lou F says...

      Had 2 All Star slices with a pink lemonade and they were just fair.

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