Peking Duck House (Pompano Beach)

Posted on June 23rd, 2008 · Chinese Pompano Beach


***** Peking Duck House, 1200 East Atlantic Avenue, Pompano Beach, Florida 33060, (954) 946-0436.

I know…I know…it is virtually impossible to find a good Chinese joint down here.

For what it is worth, The Peking Duck House serves pretty decent food.

This joint is open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner. It has been around for years and the food is actually quite good. Specialty of the house?…I’ll give you 2 guesses.

Just so we are straight… the food is good but it won’t make you forget about your favorite New York City Chinatown joint…I will tell you, that the Peking Duck is right on the money, as are the bbq spare ribs.

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  1. frank w says...

    Ate there last night. Best Pieking duck I ever had. Crispy skin and succulant meat. A bargain at $32 for two.

  2. Gary Weiss says...

    This is a terrific Chinese restaurant. Their bbq dishes are outrageously delicious.

  3. KSR says...

    Peking duck and bbq ribs delicious.

  4. Norman Gold says...

    Ate there yesterday.
    Some of the best Chinese food in south Florida.

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