China Dumpling (Boynton Beach)

Posted on June 23rd, 2008 · Boynton Beach Chinese



*****  China Dumpling, 1899 North Congress Avenue, Boynton Beach 33426, Florida, (561) 737-2782.

Let me make this review real simple…China Dumpling is one of the best Chinese Restaurants in all of South Florida.

This joint looks just like every other neighborhood Chinese joint…that being, formica tables, linoleum floors…you know exactly what I am talking about.

Rather than bore you with tales of “New York Style” this and “New York Style” that, check this joint out for yourself. This joint kind of reminds me of a couple of my favorite New York City Chinatown joints…like I said, try China Dumpling and decide if I am right or wrong on this call.

China Dumpling is open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner. On price, maybe a few $s more than your neighborhood favorite, but nothing terrible.

By the way, the guy who owns Boca Raton’s upscale Gary Woo’s Asian Bistro…started China Dumpling a number of years ago…just thought you’d like to know.



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  1. Bill says...

    Just got back from dinner at this venerable restaurant, and can’t help but smile. The food was first rate – the best I’ve had from a neighborhood Chinese restaurant in recent memory.

    Being a dumpling/dim sum lover my wife and I started with the dumpling sampler – 3 each of 3 popular dumplings/dim sum – all tender and flavorful. We also had an order of steamed pork buns – not the traditional Chinatown variety, but interesting and delicious none the less.

    We then moved on to sample 2 dinner dishes: the Mariner Shrimp and House Chow Fun. The shrimp were huge, with a sweet mayonaise based sauce, candied walnuts and steamed broccoli. note that the shrimp were sauted and not fried and were light, sweet and succulent. The house special chow fun was 75% goodies – shrimp, lobster, chicken and roast pork slices, and 25% chow fun noodles. This is a ratio I’ve never seen before – I’m much more used to the opposite – 75% noodles and 25% meat and seafood.

    While the prices are a little higher than I’m used to – especially here in south Florida, (each of the main courses were $20.95 causing the tab to total $65 before the tip) the quality of the food was unbelievably high and the service perfect.

    This restaurant is worth the trip – a great experience that I am sure we will regularly repeat.

  2. brian j. says...

    The end.

  3. Spoontaneous says...

    Ok… going to have to resurrect this thread. I’ve given these folks a lot of my hard earned money. The most recent of which was a couple of weeks ago. Early for lunch on Sunday I reckon it was, and pulled from the dim sum cart a couple of times before ordering lunch. My wife and I can’t eat out often, being kind of poor and all, but this is one place that draws us back with open wallet.

    I don’t see any Thai restaurants listed on here… but our other favorite is Tub Tim in the Wycliffe Center at Lake Worth Road and 441. Those folk do it up really great too, with orchids in the glasses, etc. Service is grand, prices are reasonable $60 for two with wine… but we mostly eat there at lunch for $10 each. The coconut soup is orgasmic and the peanut dressing on very fresh salad always makes me wonder why salad doesn’t taste that fresh anywhere else?! Oh, and they remember you from visit to visit which I think is cool since sometimes its 3-4 months until we can make it back.

    Anyway, just my two cents (that’s all I can afford).

  4. frank w says...

    Everything at China Dumpling is first rate. Great place to take friends and family from out of town. Extremely pleasant atmosphere and very nice staff.

  5. Al says...

    Based upon this thread visited rest. last night following movie. Won Ton soup was very good. Ribs were quite “meaty” and quite tasteless. Shrimp dumplings were deep fried to excess…peeled off much of the layer to get to the good interior. Pork dumplings were hard and stuck to the steamer…definitely not freshly made. Wouldn’t rush back.

  6. frank w says...

    Very surprising. Never had a bad item there much less a bad meal. Try Shanghai City at the old Jasmine site in Boca. White tabelcloths and very high caliber food at a good price.

  7. Matthew says...

    There was a time when I would say that this was not only the best Chinese cuisine in Florida, but outside of NYC. This is not the case anymore. Started coming back in 2007, and my grandma, dad, and girlfriend enjoyed so much it became a weekly standard for us. Despite the high prices, we enjoyed the food so much and felt it was worth it.

    However, slowly, over the years the overall quality and service. They tried to overcharge me once for a dumplings order they forgot to charge me for the prior week, and I came back. They served me fried shrimp dumplings with pieces of broken china in them, I still came back. It was that good.

    The last straw was both a service and quality issue. When they made my seafood pan fried noodles with the a brown sauce (I ordered a White sauce) and pork, I sent it back. Instead of making me a new dish, they just re-served me the same brown sauce noodles, and veggies, with undercooked fish in the white sauce.

    Not only was I insulted, as I’m a regular customer, I was astounded by the incompetence and laziness. The new staff isn’t as helpful, especially for the elderly customers. The cleanliness in the bathrooms and dumplings station has also declined.

    I’m sure they still cook fine food, but I will no longer be a customer.

  8. Melvin says...

    Sun Sentinel gave them 3*** today.
    Food is excellent.

  9. Gary Goldberg says...

    This is a terrific Chinese restaurant.
    One of the best in South Florida.

  10. AB33496 says...

    I think that China Dumpling is best around.

  11. Tony Valentino says...

    Love the food there.
    Best in the area.

  12. Alex W says...

    Best Chinese food around.

  13. SidRidesABike says...

    First time this evening.
    Decent enough but far from I’m running back real soon quality.

  14. Larry Katz says...

    Tried it on your say so.
    Good call.
    Food is terrific.

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