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Posted on June 22nd, 2008 · Buffet Chinese Deerfield Beach


*****  Top China Buffet, 4026 West Hillsboro Boulevard, Deerfield Beach, Florida 33442 (954) 458-0062.

I never met a buffet that I didn’t like…that is, if the food is half-way decent.

Over the years, I have been eating lunch at a Chinese buffet joint named Top China Buffet which is located in Deerfield Beach. Although I never measured this joint’s physical layout, I’ll bet you that it is 8,500-10,000 square feet…that’s a big joint.

Top China Buffet literally has a million items to select from…you name it and this joint’s got it (Chinese food), including sushi. The food is decent…we are not talking gourmet stuff here…we are talking decent, like “decent” stuff that you get from your favorite neighborhood Chinese takeout. I will tell you, that the bbq spare ribs and won ton soup are worth the price of admission alone, then again the sweet and sour pork is nothing to write home about. Like I said, this joint has something like a million things, so some dishes are going to be better than others.

In addition to having decent food and a very pleasant/attentive staff, Top China is a very clean and well run joint. The people who own this joint, really keep an eye on the buffet and keep everything fresh and well stocked. They also keep the seating-dining area immaculate.

Top China Buffet is open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner. Figure on spending about 10 bucks for lunch and $15 for dinner.

One final note…take this for what it worth…about 5 store-bays down from Top China Buffet is a Cat Hospital…

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  1. steven says...

    best bang for a buck, 10.00 dinner inc hot tea, oysters,great cold shrimp,sushi bar best selection, spare ribs, best in south florida.

  2. steven says...

    sorry got this one mixed up with peking tokyo off sw10 st,top china stinks compared to thius one.

  3. Jim Murata says...

    Went to this place when it first opened….elegant host, excellent food, mucho variety…..Alas I returned recently and the food was more like a typical Chinese Take Out…..didn’t eat the sushi….soup was ok……This place’s mainstay is the variety…..worth a visit….

  4. jenna says...

    The cat hospital !!! My father used to tell stories to us before we went out for Chinese. He would never eat any Chinese food. Haven’t heard this in many years… very funny though ! Brought back many funny memories. Thanks. Did eat here for lunch… food was good but no sauce for the egg foo yong.

  5. mmm says...

    very good food

  6. larry says...

    how come jeff their are no chineese buffets listed…example asian fusion in coral springs…
    asian buffet on hillsboro blvd. and federal hwy,
    also delray beach….thanks larry..enjoy your site.

  7. Ronald says...

    The food is ok (by no means the best asian food in the area)
    The service….
    I had a waitress LITERALLY corner me, point out that “tip no included” and then proceed to stand right in front of me, waiting to see how much money I took out of my wallet.

    Hey Top China buffet!
    I hope the 5 dollars was worth it, because you’ve lost a lifetime of business.

  8. John says...

    I LOVE this place! Great variety of tasty dishes. There are 3 very long hot tables and 1 cold one and a sushi station. My favorite’s are the pork pot stickers and the cold shrimp salad at the salad bar. I go here about once a month and the staff is always attentive and pleasant. Every guest that I have brought here enjoys themselves. The menu has changed for the better since “Jeff” wrote back in 2008 and don’t forget a scoop of two of ice cream for dessert!

  9. Gregg L. Friedman MD says...

    They have good Chinese food at a low price. The selection is excellent. I really loved my meal. By Gregg L. Friedman MD, Psychiatrist, Hallandale Beach, FL

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