Lefty’s Tavern & Grille (Coral Springs & Davie)

Posted on June 22nd, 2008 · American Coral Springs Davie


*****  Lefty’s Tavern & Grille, 5771 Coral Ridge Drive, Coral Springs, Florida, (954) 752-3525.

Tonight I checked out Lefty’s Tavern & Grille in Coral Springs, which opened for business about 6 weeks ago…not bad, not bad at all.

Lefty’s has the obligatory 40+ flat screen tv sets, huge bar area, booth and table seating… throw in a kids’ arcade-game room and you have the picture. I will tell you, that I found the joint visually boring as there are no decorations on the walls other than the tv sets…this can be easily rectified by adding memorabilia pieces and sports related artwork…but for right now, the joint is too monotone for me.

Lefty’s menu is packed with appetizers, soups, burgers, sandwiches, meat-fish-chicken entrees…for some reason, there is a major emphasis on Italian pastas/dishes, but that makes the joint all the more interesting…a spin on the common sports bar/restaurant theme.

A taste test of a patty-melt, NY strip steak, prime rib, chicken parmigiana, house salad, french fries and sweet potato all successfully past…Gourmet food?  Let’s not be silly, but for this type of joint, the food was very good…far superior to the stuff that you get at your local Ale House or Duffy’s. Very competent wait-staff…As for price points, right in-line with what you would expect your neighborhood sports bar to get.

In doing some checking, I found that the there is also another Lefty’s located at 11300 State Road 84, Davie Florida (954) 474-1410…Take a look at the Davie joint’s website… from what I can tell, the new Coral Springs’ location appears to be a much bigger version of the original and the menu though similar is not exactly the same. A quick Google Search indicates that the Davie joint apparently has been around for a number of years and has quite a loyal following.

If you live in the Coral Springs/Parkland area, Lefty’s is a good place to know about. The joint is open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner.

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  1. leli says...

    I was really disappointed with your service and the food I ordered from your restaurant today.
    I ordered a rib eye medium, I got a piece of raw meat, and the prime rib was awful, more than a half of it was just fat and both of them were taste less. I spent about $60 and all of them went straight to the garbage can.
    I spoke to the manager, seems like he doesn’t really care about a disappoint customer, he was rude, he said ” what do you want me to do” with an attitude.
    You think I was just one disappoint customer, but the way you handle my complaint, you do nothing to fix the problem, it will cost you loosing more costumers.
    I’ve been working in the restaurant for 20 years as a manager, I know how it work.

  2. alan snow says...

    Huge thumbs down- we’ve been there a few times and have had problems each time- We’ve gone back thinking that it would improve-
    Went with Friends on a saturday night- Place was half empty- an omen of things to come?????
    Waitress was WAY TO CHATTY
    Salads came- then 2 minutes later main courses appeared- asked to speak with manager- MIKE came out and told us that it was our fault that the main courses came out right after salads because our table was talking too much–
    No table management-
    Food is overpriced and middle of the road-
    TV’s way too distracting- too many of them and too small or not working right-
    In this economy- the management should be more sensitive to patron-

  3. Don C says...

    While the food was generally good, the waiter got my order slightly wrong., I ordered Blackened, and it wasn’t And mixed up a side for my mom. Portions were nice, but food temp was not right for 1 out of 3 dishes. Baked and Sweet Potatoes were dry and tiny, and also not hot enough considering we had to pay extra for those. They also presented us with plates for some bread, which upon asking was told that was extra as well. $2.95 for a half a hoagie roll toasted! Looked to me from where we were sitting the restaurant manager would come up the kitchen stairs and then walk back, never once did he approach a table to ask how things were. Service was fair at best. 2 Stars out of 5. Its on our Scrub list. Not to return…

  4. mn says...

    I recently went to Lefty’s for kids eat free night. The food was mediocre, service was slow and when we got the check turns out kids only eat free if you order steak or pasta! It would’ve been nice to have a heads up. We spent over $60 on dinner with appetizers, soups, etc. but none of that mattered. The manager Mike came over and was so incredibly rude and condescending I was disgusted. It was just me and my sister with our children, I’m sure if our husbands were there he would not have spoken to us like

  5. Chris Wesley says...

    Well, all I can say after reading the few mediocre reviews above, is that now, in 2011, Lefty’s has gotten it right! Incredibly cheap Happy Hour (11:00 a.m. until 7:00 seven days a week), e.g., a bottle of Heineken is $3.00, hard to find that price in Coral Springs; the Fried Calamari is generous and delicious at $8.99; soup and half sandwich is a great light meal; and the BEST meal is the Filet Sliders… 3 pieces of filet mignon on great tasting buns with cheese for $11.99 that will hook you if you try it once! The bartender’s are accommodating and friendly, therefore, we always eat at the bar… we asked for the Doral golf tournament to be put on one of the 40 t.v.’s and poof, there it was. Can’t say anything bad about the place!

  6. Tony Williamson says...

    I live in the area and have been going to Leftys for almost 4 years and it is a totally different place they expanded the bar area have 2 big screens food is so much better with Chris& Alana there all the time it flows. Do me a favor try the specials and the Mona Lisa you won’t be disappointed. Fresh lobster from the tank

    • Tony Williamson says...

      Your right I was there on Suday very accomadating put my Bears game on tv right in front of me and only asked once. Fried calamari,mussels and wings were all very tasty

  7. Mr. Holmes says...

    I would love to give a review of this place’s food, however in light of the fact that I sat for god knows how long before I was greeted and then completely neglected before I had no other choice but to walk out I can not give my opinion as to how the food is or would have been. I can say that the service was utterly lacking, no, it was nonexistent. I will say that I find it interesting that three other tables that sat after me were greeted and had their order taken prior to anyone even coming to my table. I wasn’t alone so there is no way that the servers did not see me or my guest.

    I was in the restaurant industry for over 10 years and I can honestly say that type of neglect should not go unnoticed or undisciplined. Either the server was incompetent or my guest’s and my color had an influence on where we ranked on her list of priorities.

    Either way I will never spend my money in that establishment.

    Postscript, so upset that I actually signed up to yelp just to leave this “review.”

  8. matthew says...

    We had a great meal there today!!!

  9. NAOMI LUCRET says...

    i went with my husband. the shrimp and hot wings were great. the beer was fantastic. the waiter was very courteous.

  10. Timothy C says...

    Kim the waitress lives in our building. I know it’s a good place cause she’s there. Will go tonight to enjoy. Great karma in the place.Love it

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