Jax House Of Ribs (Fort Lauderdale)

Posted on June 21st, 2008 · American BBQ Fort Lauderdale

I originally reviewed Jax House Of Ribs on September 18,2008…that review is printed below.

This evening I had dinner at Jax…and I gotta tell you, that this joint has now devloped into an absolutely dynamite “BBQ” restaurant. Delicious bbq chicken, baby-back ribs, cornbread, corn-on-the cob,  fried cheesecake, peach cobbler…

You definitely want to give this joint a try.

*****  Jax House Of Ribs, 5401 Powerline Road, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309 (954) 776-4994.

Got a pretty decent-budget rib joint for you…Jax House Of Ribs. Jax has only been open a few months having taken over the Sonny’s BBQ location at 5401 Powerline Road. Sonny’s made some of the worse-tasting crap every made… Jax is like a “breath-of-fresh-air”…in that its stuff is pretty good. Take a look at Jax’s website at for menu/pricing/details.

From what I can tell, Jax did little if anything “cosmetically” to the Sonny’s location. That said, last night’s dinner was actually quite delicious. Baby-backs, bbq chicken, corn-bread, french fries, onion rings and a help yourself salad bar were priced right. Jax has all kinds of “specials”…for 10 bucks or so, you get to really stuff your face…You know the drill here…wood booths, pleasant wait-staff, lots of food…loads of napkins.

Jax is open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner…Sunday-Thursday 10:30am-9pm and Friday-Saturday 10:30am-10pm.

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  1. Mitch says...

    Thanks for the review. Glad you enjoyed the food. We are doing our best to serve great BBQ at prices people can afford in this difficult economy.

    Mitch Soligan
    Jax House of Ribs

  2. Tried Jax and thought it was pretty good. No doubt about it that it is much better than Sonny’s ever was. I have also tried Shorty’s and also like its food. Enjoyed your reviews on both. Are there any others like these two around?
    Keep up the great reviews.

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