Jay & The Americans

Posted on June 20th, 2008 · Music/Events/Other

*****  Jay & The Americans

One of my all-time favorite Rock N Roll bands from the 1960s is Jay & The Americans.

Now…it hasn’t been officially announced or advertised, but The City Of Deerfield Beach is going to throw a free Jay & The Americans concert on July 4th 2008 at Ocean Way and SE 1st Street in Deerfield Beach…the party starts at 6pm with the Final Countdown Band opening at 6pm and Jay & The Americans taking the stage at 7:30pm.

You do remember…This Magic Moment…Only In America…She Cried…Cara Mia…don’t you?


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  1. Ed Leiberman says...

    They got a new lead singer. Unfortuantely for them nobody can replace Jay Black. They do a nice show, but something is missing without Jay Black.

  2. CCC says...

    Recently saw them. new lead is ok. The rest of the group looks like grandfathers singing, well I guess they are. They got the songs but not the energy. A bit disappointing.

  3. ASKER says...

    Jay & The Americans are playing at ISLES CASINO tonight and tickets are 25 bucks.

  4. CCC1949 says...

    Jeff Eats:
    Saw Jay & The Americans at Isle Casino last week.
    The group has 3 original members and a new lead singer.
    I am very familar with the group having been a huge fan back in the 60s.
    The new lead singer does his best to sound like Jay Black but doesnt quite make it. The rest of the group look like old men up there.
    It was a pleasant enough show but the group really isnt very good.
    It’s a bitch getting old but what is is!

  5. RockNRollLou says...

    Jeff: Jay & the Americans will be at FAU on 7/4/13.

    • FGT says...

      Don’t waste your money.
      The stink.
      Without Jay Black they are nothing.

    • HG says...

      Saw them at FAU.
      They were very entertaining.

      • Qestor says...

        FAU was 1/2 empty.
        Very poor promotion on tkt selling.

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