Primanti Bros. (Oakland Park & Fort Lauderdale)

*****  Primanti Bros. 516 Oakland Park Boulevard, Oakland Park, Florida 33334, (954) 565-7100…&…901 North Fort Lauderdale Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33304, (954) 565-0605.

 You folks from Pittsburgh already know all-about Primanti Bros. which has something like 13 joints in Pittsburgh…Thus far there are 2 Primanti spots in South Florida.

Imagine the most laid-back neighborhood pizza joint in the whole world that not only makes great pizza, but great subs, Italian dishes, burgers, wings, and deli sandwiches…and you got Primanti Bros.

Over the past 3 years, I have eaten in the Oakland Park location at least 20 times, the last time being lunch yesterday. I am telling you, the food at this joint is absolutely incredible and dirt cheap. One of my favorite “items” is the peppers/onions/sausage/melted parmigiana sub that goes for a measely $5.95.

Just so you know, the Oakland Park joint is open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner…The Fort Lauderdale joint is open 24-hours a day.

Great food. Great prices. Large portions. Great service. Tee shirt/shorts is the dress of the day.

Do yourself a big favor and check the Primanti website at for menu and assorted details.

This joint is an absolute homerun. Don’t miss it.

14 Comments to “Primanti Bros. (Oakland Park & Fort Lauderdale)”

  1. I love Primanti’s pizza. This has to be one of the best pizza joints in Florida, no wonder they have something like 19 different locations.

  2. Johnnie C. says...

    Food A-
    Pizza A
    Service B

  3. eric says...

    probably the best pizza in florida.
    great place.

  4. Jeff Eats, great tip. outrageously great pizza.

  5. Mike B. says...

    Food A
    Service B

  6. po says...

    outrageously good pizza

  7. mark p. says...

    maybe the best pizza in s fl.

  8. Mike R. says...

    Primanti Bros. makes a great pizza. I would seriously match this pizza against the pizza joints which are seemingly in every strip center.
    You don’t have 20+ stores and appear on the Food Network and be visited by every national candidate running for office because you don’t have good food.

  9. em says...

    A group of us ate at Primanti on Oakland Park this evening. We had 2 meatball subs, 2 sausage & peppers subs and a large pizza. The sausage was excellent the rest of the food just fair.

  10. larry d. says...

    jeff, i’ve had better pizza. sausage sub is excellent.

  11. Meg & Richard says...

    Went to the new Primanti”s on University in Sunrise,Fl.Had the Italian sub and all I can say is where’s the meat and cheese!Had to call for the manager to fill up the sandwich to eatin level

  12. joan says...

    seen your rest on TV and was impressed. wanted to know if you will be coming further south in florida. I live in Cape coral on the golf and i think your place would be great somewhere in Fort Myers, florida. would surely like to try your subs. They sound great

  13. Sacks says...

    Love their pizza and subs.

  14. LukA says...

    One of the best pizza and sub joints in s fl.
    I go to the one on a1a in sunrise.

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