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Big Al’s Steaks—Authentic Philly Steak Sandwiches (Coconut Creek & Delray Beach)

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*****  Big Al’s Steaks, 450 East Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach, Florida 33483, (561) 819-1888…&…5607 Regency Lakes Boulevard, Coconut Creek, Florida 33073, (954) 480-8550.

First let me give you this joint’s website…

Big Al’s has 2 South Florida locations. Big Al’s is basically a take-out, but a few outdoor tables are available.

This joint’s name says it all…Big Al’s Steaks—Authentic Philly Steak Sandwiches.

When you bite into one of Big Al’s steak hoagies you’ll swear that you are in  South Philadelphia eating at  the lengendary Pat’s  King Of Steaks or Geno’s Steaks. The sandwiches are incredible.

Big Al’s Coconut Creek location  is open 7-days a week from 11am-10pm.

Big Al’s Delray Beach location is open 7 days a week…Sunday-Wednesday 11am-Midnight…Thursday 11am-2am…Friday-Saturday 11am-3am. 

Figure that a steak hoagie is going to run you something like 7-8 bucks. Big Al’s also has other types of hoagies, but the game here is STEAK.

Don’t miss this one.

12 Comments to “Big Al’s Steaks—Authentic Philly Steak Sandwiches (Coconut Creek & Delray Beach)”

  1. Big Al says...


    Thanks for stopping by Big Al’s… and for the review. I just wanted to say that the hours you mention here are for the Coconut Creek store (on 441). The Delray Beach store is open to 12 Midnight Sunday to Wednesday, until 2 AM on Thursday, and we are open until 3 AM on Friday and Saturday nights.

    Again, thanks for trying our Steak Sandwiches and letting everyone also know what you thought. I appreciate it. Alan Costilo (Big Al)

  2. Mike says...


    I have lived in south Florida for the past 18 years. Originally from Philly and I can honestly say that THIS is the only place in South Florida that makes a real Philly cheesesteak.

    I walked in and ordered: “1 wiz with” and they nailed it. I ate at the coconut creek store. the girl behind the counter told me it was Ribeye sliced and the bread is flown in direct from Philly. Their ought to be a law against every half assed restaurant in south Florida trying to pass off their lame renditions of a Philly cheesesteak. If that was the case…then Big Al’s would be the only place you could get an authentic philly south of Passyunk ave. Big Al’s is the #1 cheesesteak in Florida hands down!!!!!!!!!!

  3. robert says...


    Big Als is fantastic! I think they import their beef from Urugway (saw an article on their wall)I have gone to the Coconut Creek location.
    I think the word is getting around from the internet that Al’s is a great place for a Philly Cheesesteak. I know that the Delray location is their busiest.

    I have never been to Geno’s, or Pats but people swear its as good as those. Personally I am not a cheese person and order mine with onions. The people that work at Al’s are also friendly and I have never gotten an order that is wrong. Saw a real tough customer there a few weeks ago and they even made him happy. Jeff I like your website! In fact I think the internet has become a great way to discuss good and bad meals.

  4. JeffEats says...

    robert: Just had a chance to read your post.Glad that you enjoyed Big Al’s. This joint’s steak subs are excellent. I have eaten at Geno’s and Pat’s and Al’s is right up there with them.

    Thanks for reading…

  5. danny d says...

    ate at coconut creek store. sandwich was 9 bucks. bread was good. but they hardly give you any meat in the sandwich. not worth the money. sorry big al, but i won’t ever be back.

  6. jenna says...

    Agree with danny d…. no meat in their sandwiches.. you get lotsa bread though

    noisy corner to eat at… dirty tables.. place did not look clean inside either..

  7. BOOBIE says...

    Jeff, yesterday around 5:30pm i was in the 5 guys in boynton on congress. big al’s has a store right next door. 5 guys during the 20 minutes or so that i was there had maybe 30 people come and go. big al’s was empty when i arrived and empty when i left, got a bad feeling for this big al’s location.

  8. Dave says...

    Tastes all right, But if this is REAL Philly, then Philly is a big rip off becasue there was hardly any meat on my sandwich.. my favorite cheese steaks are at Zio’s in Delray on Military and Atlantic.

  9. Bob L says...

    Cheese steaks were just okay…D’Best Sandwich Shop in Boca (Dixie just N of Yamato) does it much much better.

  10. Brian says...

    Big Al’s is the best…now this is what philly taste like! I go to the one in boynton all the time, great service and amazing food…fries are killer! There is a reason these guys keep expanding!

  11. robertw says...

    Big Al’s in Coconut Creek just closed. A martial arts place is taking that entire block of stores where he was. The location was so hidden. How many martial arts places can we have in Coconut Creek? 500? Als was there for ages

  12. are says...

    had a sandwich late wednesday night. very busy with bar goers. sub was delicious.

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